Linda offers several presentations that can be customized for your audience. Click the tab below to read more about each presentation.

Understanding the principles of Feng Shui through Balance, Order, and Beauty creates Harmony in both the physical and spiritual environment for personal growth and success. Participants walk away with:

  • Learn Key principles to energize your life and how to manifest your dreams
  • Discover how creating balance in your environment, equates to balance in your life
  • Explore how your mind perceives space and utilize symbology to support your aspirations
  • Realize the strategic locations to enhance your health, wealth, power and peace

Blending the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with modern design, we’ll explore tools you can use in your home and office to improve the energy of your environments while adding harmony and making them healthy.

  • Uncover how to create a home that is beautiful and functional while keeping and enhancing it’s vitality
  • Discover The psychological impact of our environment for balance, peace and harmony
  • Walk away with an understanding of the benefits of Healthy green design

The hearth (heart) of the home has been celebrated by numerous cultures over time. It refers to the central fire as well as the “warm-fuzzy” feeling we associate with home as a haven for body, mind, and spirit.

  • Discover tips for creating a welcome and nurturing home and garden
  • Understand techniques to make your home feel wonderful, reduce stress, and allow your creativity to flourish
  • Learn to create balance in and around your home with Yin/Yang & Element Theory
  • Identify Areas of life represented in your home and garden and understand how small changes work to connect with heart and soul