Year of the Dragon Teleseminar


Do you want change in your life?

Have you noticed any difference between last year, or even early January, and now?

Would you like to have a better life than you experienced last year?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll love this information you’ll hear in my teleseminar about the Chinese New Year—Year of the Dragon!

Black Chinese DragonFeng Shui is all about energy, flow and balance to create harmony. It draws upon psychology, physiology and the natural forces that surround us. Having an awareness of these forces allows us to respond, rather than react, to situations thus allowing us to be more pro-active in our lives.

Last year I shared the energies for the Year of the Rabbit. Many found the information very helpful.

For instance, those wanting children understood “Rabbit” years are especially lucky for getting pregnant. They took full advantage of the energies planning for this wonderful event. Other who didn’t want pregnancy to be part of their lives took extra precautions. I’m delighted to say I have about a dozen families with new babies or about to have babies.

Another focus was to release everything not serving your highest good, which included clutter. Many of you have told me incredible stories how removing clutter has opened up opportunities for better careers, new relationships, more money and expressions of creativity.

These were not areas of expected transformations; yet shortly after releasing something, or someone, “miracles” happened.

I personally had incredible opportunities happen. They included: co-authoring a book, speaking to my favorite audiences – powerful, open-minded, spiritual women – at small and large venues, winning a writing contest, helping several clients realize their business dreams and working with architects & developers on several projects, like a planned community and resort area.

Red Chinese DragonWhat you’ll learn in this Year of the Dragon teleseminar:

  • Wealth area for the year and how to support it
  • Areas of possibly health concerns
  • How and where to stimulate career advancements
  • The area of romance and how to attract it
  • Where to place a water feature to boost prosperity
  • Best locations for 6-tube wind chimes
  • Areas to support intelligence
  • Where to locate your office if you want to write
  • Challenging directions for the year
  • When you might need to guard against fires
  • Future luck, especially in preparing for prosperity
  • Areas to place outside water features

Gold Chinese DragonEach year brings with it challenges and opportunities. When we know what to expect, we can plan for it. Even when something good comes our way, as humans we embrace them quicker and more easily when we’ve had a chance to prepare.

Last year’s teleseminar was $97.

The teleseminar has concluded. You can still sign up and receive the MP3 recording of “Following the Dragon Energy for Golden Opportunities in 2012” teleseminar.

The price of the teleseminar recording is $77. Don’t miss the vibrant and exciting energies of this New Year.

Jump on board the Dragon’s tail for a fast-paced and opportunity-filled year!