Are Hidden Hazards Haunting Your Home, Health, & Happiness? – Part 2: HEALTH

Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead


It is Dia de Muertos. A time to honor the loved ones who have died. It is a time to make your home a healthy place for you and your family to live!

Although there are numerous items in and near a home that can cause issues, I’m focusing on the less obvious or well-known situations.

Part 1 – Hidden Hazards: HOME

A few days ago I shared numerous issues I’ve personally experienced in my homes. Now I’m going to share issues known to cause SBS (Sick-Building Syndrome), many of which can cause serious health issues in humans.

Sick-Building Syndrome: HEALTH

Ghoulish Greetings Pumpkin house

Ghoulish Greetings Pumpkin house

There are several possible contributing factors that can cause SBS. In some cases, the way the building is constructed, the materials used in the construction (new or remodel), or the location (like close to a major highway or next to a parking garage) create the issues. Toxins and chemicals can get “trapped” inside a home causing health problems. Often when the person leaves the building the symptoms reduce or go away.

Some building factors are:

  • Vehicle exhaust
  • Plumbing vents
  • Formaldehyde (found in almost all home furnishings like carpet, upholstered furniture, and glues holding plywood and pressboard/MDF board together)
  • Pollen, bacteria, fungus, even insect & bird droppings
  • Inadequate ventilation (“sealing the envelope too tightly” for energy efficiency causing less outdoor air ventilation)
  • EMF – again
  • Pesticides
  • Smoking
  • Office machines (duplicators, copy machines, heating system exhaust, etc.)
  • Humidity (sometimes causes mold in simple things like plants)
Electrical wires & chemical fumes

Electrical wires & chemical fumes

Some complaint factors at work can add to the situation (this is one of the things that happened to me with my chemical toxicity):

  • Preexisting illness or allergies
  • Job-related stress or dissatisfaction

Other interesting facts are:

  • Symptoms more common in clerical jobs than managerial positions
  • Happen to females more than males
Heart outline of FULL moon

Heart surrounding FULL moon


The affects these unseen toxins can produce are SCARY! Let’s investigate our homes to see if we can detect any issues.


The “Day of the Dead” celebrations are to honor the spirits of our deceased loved ones. Let’s not have our home contribute to the passing of anyone we love.

Are Hidden Hazards Haunting Your Home, Health, & Happiness? – Part 1: HOME

Haunted House

An illustration of a scary Halloween haunted house in silhouette with spooky trees


It is the Bewitching Hour and time to stir up a brew of gumption to make your home a healthy place to live for you and your family!

Although there are numerous items in and near a home that can cause issues, I’m focusing on the less obvious or well-known situations.





Hidden Hazards: HOME

Electro Magnetic Fields

Electro Magnetic Fields

You’ve probably heard about things like Lead paint and Radon that can’t be seen causing serious health issues or even death. Other issues that are just as harmful are EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields), chemical poisoning, and molds.

I know each of these personally.

  • EMFs originating from electronic devices near my bed caused severe headaches.
  • Chemical Poisoning from household cleaning products polluted my bedroom and overwhelmed my immune system causing autoimmune issues.
  • Mold in the attic and walls of our home attacked my throat & lungs causing me to lose my voice for 2 years.


    Toxic mold creates negative energy in your home

Each of these “hazards” can affect people differently. They are especially harmful to children. Females appear to be more susceptible than males.

If you or a loved one have any health issues, you might want to investigate these as possible culprits affecting your well-being.

Halloween Pumpkin Fairy Home

Halloween Pumpkin Fairy Home

These can be SPOOKY issues. Rather than having them TRICK you sometime in the future when you least expect them and have them SCARE YOU, let’s be proactive. Let’s TREAT the situation cautiously. Dress yourself as a detective. Investigate the possible culprits. Remove any GHOSTLY issues.

Doing so will help you feel confident the only scary things hiding in the corners and walls are the decorations you’ve put inside your home to celebrate holidays like Halloween. Your home may be “dressed” in a costume of cobwebs and spiders – both of which are fake – and your home will be a SAFE HOUSE for you and your family!

Would you move into a home where there was an attempted murder PLUS a violent death? – Part 1

Divorced! Single! Bankrupt! Homeless in 3 days! Plus pneumonia!

Redwood City Home Front - 1989

Photo was taken earlier on the day of the Loma Prieta Earthquake: October 17, 1989. Additional damage occurred to the home.

The realtor who had sold my Monte Sereno home asked, “Where are you going to move in 3 days?

It was January 27, 1990 and I needed to be out of the house when it closed escrow on January 31.

I said, “I have no idea! I have 4 cats and so much furniture I need the largest United Van Lines moving truck!”

He said, “Well, I can rent you a 4 bedroom/2 bath house for $200/month if you’ll clean it up.”

Then he said,

“You need to know that the previous owner shot his wife in the house a year ago. He then shot himself, killing himself, in the house.”

I moved in on January 31, 1990.

I paid TOP DOLLAR for the home "AS IS!" This is the ceiling in the eating area of the house when I moved in.

I paid TOP DOLLAR for the home “AS IS!” This is the ceiling in the eating area of the house when I moved in.

On February 2 he asked me, “If you could purchase this home, would you?”  I laughed and said – “Of course!”

Thinking he must be joking because I was flat broke, had gone through bankruptcy, was in the process of an ugly divorce with horrible credit, was on worker’s comp because I had developed pneumonia while working 3 part-time jobs and going to school full time.

There was NO WAY I could get a home loan – at least that is what I thought.

On February 14 he brought papers and said, “Sign here!”

I’d done enough purchasing of homes I knew what these papers were and what they said. I didn’t ask any questions.

On February 16, 1990 – exactly 32 years ago TODAY! – I became the owner of this home – BAD FENG SHUI and all, but…

It was exactly what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to be.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting bits and pieces of this story and the journey to CLEAN IT UP!


In my next few blogs I’ll share more of the stories about this house.