Feng Shui Your Way to the Bank

Stressed at work? Need harmony at home? Want a better life?


Studies show our environment plays a major role in our well-being. Color, lighting, furniture style, location of computers, placement of furniture and shapes of plants — all influence our everyday productivity and creativity. Understanding the principles of Feng Shui will bring a new dimension to the importance of your physical environment both in your home and workplace.

Balance, Order, and Beauty create Harmony


1. Key principles from 3 schools of Feng Shui to energize your life

  • Uncover the secrets of ancient wisdoms to bring you prosperity
  • Learn how to create balance in your environment, equating to balance in your life
  • Discover the correlation between your home & life

2. Important psychological implications of your environments

  • Discover how your mind perceives your workspace
  • Utilize symbology to support your aspirations
  • Develop strategic locations to enhance your health & wealth

3. How to gain support to manifest your dreams

  • Where the location of power is within your home
  • Where to place your desk for financial support
  • Discover how to gain support of colleagues

 You can have an environment that supports you through changes … actually helping you to create your goals and visions.

$97.00 plus tax (shipping & handling included)