Year of the Rat
New Program
New Format

All you’ll need is a compass and 15 minutes to start!


But, first, answer these questions…

  1. Are you worried about the future, afraid about health or money?
  2. Are you arguing more, afraid, unhappy, feeling out of control?
  3. Are you struggling, or barely surviving, not thriving in life?

If you’re not THRIVING, it’s time to CLEAR negative energy &
BALANCE your Home & Office Environments with the Rat Year
Elements & Knowledge in this Program!


Start right now! Make your life better!

Shift any negative or fear-based energy in your home IMMEDIATELY!!!

Create positive energy from this moment on!

I know you might be feeling scared as to what might happen in the future. You might be angry about the injustices happening. The fears around many unknowns might be paralyzing you. You might feel confused with too much information, not knowing what really is the truth, who to believe. Maybe you feel your rights aren’t being acknowledged. Overwhelmed with numerous responsibilities without the support you used to have, and desperately need, might be consuming your thoughts. Lying awake at night worrying how you are going to make it through this, then facing yet another day when you are so tired you feel you can’t move, your body, mind and spirit are depleted. You feel you have no control over your life.

You can take control of a significant part of your life,

the energies in your home!

During the last few months many changes have occurred causing fear, anxiety, and numerous other emotions. This energy has rooted itself in our bodies, anchoring itself deep into our homes, growing and festering. It’s creating harmful toxic energy in our homes and our lives!!!

Left uncontrolled, this negative energy can cause major stress, relationship and health issues. It can even undermine your financial stability. Most people are unaware of these energies and the impact they have on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Studies show 80%-90% of serious health issues are caused by something in our home. It’s time to clear and balance our homes! This program has everything, but a compass, you will need to accomplish this!

You can start immediately and it takes only minutes to start!!!

Yes, YOU can start with only 15 minutes!

I will guide you through the whole program of clearing and balancing your home. To do the complete program will probably take about 3 hours for the average home – and it can be done as you have time!

You will be the Energy Hero™ of your Life!

Here’s what happens when you clear negative emotional energies.

You’ll feel:

  • Less stressed
  • More focused
  • More clarity
  • More energy
  • More calm
  • More joy
  • More peace of mind

With me as your guide, you will have the tools to clear the negative emotional energies from your home. PLUS the program includes all the tools you need to BALANCE your home using the positive energies of the Rat Year. As the Energy Hero™ healing your home, it will feel lighter, brighter and more harmonious.

Here are a few of the things you will learn:

  • Where the wealth area is and how to support it
  • Areas to support health
  • How and where to stimulate your career
  • Locations for romance, writing, and travel
  • The best directions for Good Fortune and Good Luck
  • Best locations for water features inside and outside

 Buy It Now for $45 ($447 value)

Here’s what is included (it contains):

  • Overview of the Rat Year (Recording & PDF handout)
  • How to Use This Program with Secret Formula (Recording & PDF handout)
  • Rat Year Directions, Challenges & Solutions for ALL Nine Areas + Quick Start page (PDF handout)
  • Cures – Both Traditional & Modern Included (PDF handouts)
  • Brief Explanation & Usage of the Magic 9 Square + Five Elements (Recording & PDF handout)



Ringing Bell for Clearing
Singing Bowl for Harmony
A Fresh Start


Affirmation List
More about the Rat Year & Program

Value the Program

This program contains Secret Formulas I paid over $5000 to learn. If you were to purchase the necessary items to clear and balance your home, like I have, they would cost you another $4000. What I share in this program is PRICELESS! Plus I put my heart and soul into it, so it is filled with LOVE!

A colleague said I should charge $447 for this program. If that were the case, many of you who desperately need it wouldn’t be able to afford it during these economically changed times.  I always follow my intuition. It said I should price it at $45.

The reason was: to utilize the vibration of the numbers as well as to enhance the power of the program. The number 4 = foundational balance. The number 5 = change. Thus, we have “foundational balance for change.” Together they total 9, which equals the most powerful number – a number believed to manifest anything in the Asian culture. Hence, the cost of this incredible program is just $45.

Buy It Now for $45 ($447 value)

Act Now & IMMEDIATELY Start Shifting Energy to Change Your Life

In these challenging times I know you want to be able to take control of your life. Time, energy, money and resources are limited. You’ve worked with Feng Shui before and had great results. Most of you have worked with me in some way and had incredible results. You know I care deeply about you. I want you to succeed, to be happy and healthy!

Because I am, or have been, in your shoes, I knew I had to help you! I’ve learned in the 35 years since I was first introduced to Feng Shui, how we are connected to our home and our home is connected to us.

Like the adage states: “As Above, So Below” –

As the Inner Home, So the Inner Human – Body, Mind & Spirit

I knew I had to help you in whatever way I could. I’ve worked diligently during these 4 months of pandemic craziness to create this ALL NEW PROGRAM. I’ve given you everything you need to IMMEDIATELY shift the energy that has infiltrated our homes. As the Energy Hero™ of your life, start today to make things better in your life.

Together we are better.

Together we won’t just survive.


Buy It Now for $45 ($447 value)