Sacred Spaces Sunday – Clearing Negative Energy from Your New Home – Part One

Moving into a new home is stressful enough without having to deal with any negative energy arising from the home itself and Feng Shui gives us several ways we can change negative energy into more life-affirming energy specifically directed toward supporting our desires in life.

The reason I bring this up is – I have several realtors who hire me to clear the negative energy from a home as part of their process to make sure the best energy resides in the home for the new occupants. I am going to be doing one of these “Home Blessings” in the next few days and realized some of you may be in need of, or want to do, this in your homes for a variety of reasons.

Clear Negative Energies by Creating a Sacred Space Altar with Flowers, Candles and Special Cloths

Clear Negative Energies by Creating a Sacred Space Altar with Flowers, Candles and Special Cloths

Before you bring anything into your new home, do a “Home Blessing”. This can be as simple as bringing in candles and flowers or more detailed in deep cleaning the physical space.

A deep cleaning might occur when the building energetically needs “shaking up and moving out” the old, stuck negative energy caused by a disgruntled, nasty, rude, bad or worse-than-that type person. Even homes where addicts, abuse and violent deaths have occurred can be cleared of this energy.

I know because I have done the work. I’ve even lived in some of those houses. I’ve turned these dwellings into beautiful, loving, healthy and prosperous homes for the occupants and myself.

In my classes I talk about these steps and various rituals to make your homes “Healthy, High-vitality Homes with a Heart”. If you are interested in learning more or attending one of these classes, you’ll find information at:

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In tomorrow’s post I’ll share the three-part process with a total of nine-steps to achieve a clean, neutral home to have a fresh start in life – whether it’s in a new home or just wanting to have a fresh start in an existing home.