Thank you for purchasing the Year of the Rat “Game-Changer” program. This definitely has been a game-changing year! It’s become imperative for us to clear the previous negative energies from our home. This assists us in creating balance in the home, which creates balance in our life. This process then builds the foundation for us to have a THRIVING LIFE.



If you only have 15 minutes –

  1. Download and print:


All CURES – Both Traditional and Modern (This gives you variety from which to choose)

  1. Download and print: “How to Use the Parts of This Program.” Go directly to “Here is the order I would recommend.’ Start reading at #3.
  2. Once all these are printed and you have a compass, it will probably take about 15 minutes to place a correct cure in each direction and making an affirmation with each placement of cure. (If you don’t know how to make affirmations, download the “Affirmation” BONUS handout provided and use one of those to speak OUT LOUD!

That’s it for now!

When you have time, read the PDFs and listen to all the recordings. Then go through your home, clearing each stuck or questionable area with the Ringing Bell recording. It’s recommended you play the full length of the recording in each location. You may even need to do it several times if the area feels really bad.

Next, after you have shaken up the energy using the Ringing Bell, go through each room and play the Singing bowl recording.

If you have a couple hours –

  1. Start by listening to the recordings, 1) “How to Use the Parts of This Program,” 2) the Overview, and, if you have time, the Magic 9 Square + Five Elements.
  2. Download all PDFs
  3. Familiarize yourself with the contents
  4. Look at the cures for each direction. Make selections of cures you want to use in each location.
  5. Use a compass to locate each direction.
  6. If you have time, follow the directions by starting at #1. Place a cure, picture the desired outcome, speak OUT LOUD an affirmation or positive re-enforcement about your desired outcome for the location.
  7. Notice where you have clutter or feel uncomfortable in the home.
  8. Play the “Ringing Bell” recording in each location as directed in the “How to Use This Program handout and recording.
  9. Play the “Singing Bowl” recording in each room of the home.

That’s it! You’ve done a fabulous job!

You’re an Energy Hero™ who’s cleared and balanced the energy of your home!

Here’s to your THRIVING LIFE!!!


Linda Lenore