Yoga headerStriving for balance and harmony on the scale of life has been an ongoing process for most of my clients as well as myself. Just when one part of the work/life equation settles into a happy medium, the other side gets weighted down or goes careening skyward. Ancient cultures, especially those of Eastern backgrounds, look at the seasons – as well as the elements associated with those seasons – for support in establishing harmony in our daily lives. They also look at their buildings to help regulate imbalances since studies have proven there is a correlation between where we live/work and our life situations.

Having studied and incorporated Feng Shui along with many ancillary modalities into my daily round for almost 30 years has helped me achieve a greater percentage of success in developing the qualities of balance and harmony into my life. One of the schools of Feng Shui divides the spaces in which we live into a “Yin” side and a “Yang” side – the two opposing forces in the Universe. If there is too much Yin in the “wrong” place, we may be under stimulated or feel too relaxed to get things done. If there is too much Yang, we might be stressed with an overly active environment. Colors, shapes and objects strategically placed can offset imbalances bringing the whole into harmony.

Another school of Feng Shui specifically looks at the nine areas of our lives as represented in our surroundings. When there is clutter in any area or a lack of proper organization, it throws the corresponding area of our life out of balance creating discordant “vibes”. Sometimes the area opposite it is affected as well. (The nine areas of life are: career, knowledge, family, wealth, fame, partnership, children, helpful people and health.)

Simply rearranging the space to be more functional or providing strategic organizational tactics based on the science of Feng Shui changes the vibrational level of the rooms to create frequencies more in harmony with the individual. Still another school of Feng Shui actually addresses the elements, shapes and colors especially suited to each individual to bring their specific need for yin/yang into balance.

As you can see, there are complex issues involved with the simple desire to create balance and harmony in our lives. Our home and work environments are just one area with which to work. Yet since we spend most of our lives – possibly 8-10 hours, or more, at home and maybe the same at work – undertaking serious consideration of our environments may well be a pertinent endeavor to help us achieve balance and harmony in our lives.

There are several ways for you to bring the principles of Feng Shui into your life. I’ll continue to have blogs on different topics, so come back often to read them. I have several products to help you right now. Attend a workshop for hours of learning in a supportive environment where you can ask questions and get answers in real time. Consultations are personalized, explaining how your specific home and office are affecting your life with suggestions to improve it.

By creating balance and harmony in your home and office it will transform your environment into a place designed to support the energies of your desired lifestyle.