In order to have energy flow freely it’s necessary to clear clutter and what better time than during a Mercury Retrograde on the Fourth of July to create freedom and independence from the bonds of clutter.

Today I tackled a job I have been wanting to do for months and just haven’t taken the time, or had the time, to do. I took advantage of a Mercury Retrograde to support me with the process. One of Mercury Retrograde qualities is the ability to release items more quickly than at other times of the year.

I went through a file drawer filled with paperwork from old venues where I have taught.

Yes, it was a whole drawer filled with the contracts and guidelines I had to follow for over 25 different locations where I have taught Feng Shui classes during the last 7 years. There were Parks and Recreation Departments, Adult Education Programs, Adult Continuing Education Departments, Community Colleges and Universities.

Since most of these were contracts where my social security number and/or date of birth were listed, I had to shred them. My recycled paper bin now has 4 bags of shredded papers and I have a clean file drawer to fill with new clients and my own programs. I even found a written testimonial and workbook I forgot I had.

It only took 2 hours to go through. True, it isn’t a Five-Minute Feng Shui tip or on a Friday. But it is a Feng Shui tip that supports the “freedom” I want and the “independence” from the limitations I was under while doing programs that didn’t serve me any longer.

What can you get rid of in an hour or two to open up the free flow of good energy you want in your life?