“Harvesting Wealth – The Riches of September”

Creating Wealth: Autumn Equinox and Harvest Moon in the Year of the Snake

Have you discovered a wealth of opportunities are available to you right now?
If not, maybe you haven’t taken full advantage of the energies that are occurring around you. Maybe you weren’t aware how things were going to be this year and haven’t placed yourself in an environment to reap the rewards awaiting you.

I have had the most incredible year in spite of it being the Year of the Snake since I learned I should be spending more time away from my home – literally traveling to other locations. This has been one of the best months for new things happening and coming into my life.

The year of the Snake is about transformation – personally and professionally. I have a business that transforms people’s lives through correct balance of their environments. When one thing isn’t right, all things are thrown out of balance.

During the Year of the Snake there are several areas within a home needing attention to deflect legal challenges and other unwanted issues. There are also areas to support specific projects and career choices. Balancing the areas with the correct elements or objects has made a huge shift in the effectiveness of the work I was already doing to promote my business.

In my MP3, “Year of the Snake – A Year of Transformation” I shared a wealth of information and tips to do around your home. The MP3 sold for $97 when I first created it at the beginning or the Chinese New year in February. Since there is only a little over 4 months left to take advantage of this energy, I’ve reduced the cost to $36. It’s not too late to take advantage of this energy. In the past I have had people do changes during the last month of the Chinese New Year and have fantastic results. So act quickly if you want to take advantage of this Snake year’s energy teleseminar MP3 for only $36.

Another energy we are experiencing right now is that of the harvest. We just celebrated the Chinese Harvest Moon Festival on September 19th. The full moon that occurs on the fifteen day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar is called the Harvest Moon.

With fog and clouds coming in on Friday I wasn't sure I was going to get a photo of this year's Harvest Moon. Then, just as I was leaving a client's home in South San Francisco, the clouds "parted" and I took my best shot. The lights below are of San Francisco airport.

With fog and clouds coming in on Friday I wasn’t sure I was going to get a photo of this year’s Harvest Moon. Then, just as I was leaving a client’s home in South San Francisco, the clouds “parted” and I took my best shot. The lights below are of San Francisco airport.

The Chinese are not the only ones who honor the Harvest Moon. Native cultures around the world and throughout the ages have been thankful for the added light given by the full moons around the Autumn Equinox. These full moons give them extra light, henceforth extra time, allowing them to gather the grains and other harvests after the sun has set. Even our modern-day farmers take advantage of the wealth of light brought to them by the Harvest Full Moon.

The Harvest Full Moon is the one closest to the Autumn Equinox. About two out of three years it comes before the equinox, therefore occurring during the month of September. The Hunters Full Moon is the one following the Harvest Full Moon, so it sometimes happens in October and sometimes in November.

The Autumn Equinox – occurring today, September 22 – is the time “when the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor toward the Sun, the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth’s equator,” according to Wikipedia. This causes a balanced effect – a balance of night and day, of dark and light.

During this month we have the opportunity to create wealth in our lives through many natural phenomena – some we see and some we don’t. There’s the Harvest Moon (three nights ago), the Harvest Moon Festival and the Autumn Equinox. There’s also a harvesting of ideas and the harvests of the vineyards.

We see the huge Harvest Moon rising with its brilliant orange. Due to the angle of the Sun, Moon and Earth, this moon looks larger and more “gold” than any other I can remember. It does indeed look like the Charlie Brown pumpkin in the sky – a golden coin ready for us to pocket as a rich gift to our lives.

The Harvest Moon Festival brings the ritual and ceremonies honoring the wealth of the seasons. The Autumn Equinox gifts us balanced energy – the Yin and the Yang – to enrich our lives with balance.

During the summer we have been busy “doing” activities not normally part of our day. As we get back into our routines, ideas we have can be acted upon and harvested. Many of the activities we have been engaged in during the rest of the year seem to come together at this time. Just like my friends who have farms and vineyards, now is the time we gather our harvest – our wealth of balance, abundance and joy.