When I was first introduced to Feng Shui over 30 years ago I had no idea how to succinctly explain what Feng Shui was or how to work with it until I became more aware of our interconnection as human beings and our reliance on nature.  That may seem strange to you if you spend much quality time out-of-doors. But I didn’t at that time.

Although I knew the words “Feng” and “Shui” referred to “wind” and “water” respectively, I just didn’t get it. I was on the fast track of upward social mobility. I did spend time outdoors, but it was to quickly mow the lawn or rack the leaves. What we’re talking about is NATURE;  That which is natural; That which is nurturing for body, mind and spirit!

boosting by sitting under a tree from John Tess.com

Study shows an increased production of energy-boosting beta waves when sitting under a tree. From John Tess.com

To better understand Feng Shui, the first thing I would say to do is to think about sitting by the side of a stream. Is it quiet? Restful? Turbulent? Dried up due to a drought? Flooded due to recent rains? Are you under a tree? Do you feel relaxed, energized?

Now think about sitting at the top of a mountain where regular winds occur, like the mountains along the Washington State coastline. I choose this as an example since the winds come off the Pacific Ocean year-round, especially during the late fall and winter. While sitting there, think about the movement of the wind. Is it strong, ready to blow you over even though you are close to the ground? Is it a gentle breeze? Is it coming from the north or the northwest? Is it swirling leaves around you or, if there are leaves, are they flying past you in a storm-like fashion? Do you need to take shelter from the wind behind a tree or even inside a building?

Now take these two examples one-step further. What if you were a house instead of a person? And what if as a house you were in these same locations?

Are the windows shut keeping stagnant air inside the house and sealing off all sounds of nature? Would you hear the sound of a gentle brook? Do you open the windows to let the sounds of nature gently penetrate through the windows? Does the wind freshen the air inside your home?

Is the house in the direct path of storms? Does it feel like a wind tunnel even when the windows are shut due to not having protection on the windward side of the building?

As human beings we lived outside with nature. That is until we become so smart we were able to construct buildings – buildings that are literally the box in which we have placed ourselves. Now removed from nature, we continue to isolate ourselves from all that is natural.

And we often don’t even have the pure natural world around us even when we go outside. There are concrete pads and patios, asphalt driveways and roads, and artificial turf. We have “trees” made out of metal holding cell phone transmitters. Let’s have a “tree-hugger” hug one of those!

My point is – Feng Shui is all about the natural energies of the world around us, especially the wind and water, in useable and appropriate proportions. We need nature to nurture our bodies, minds and spirits. That’s what Feng Shui is!