Sharing Sacred Spaces Sunday with you is very special to me. I often go through life so focused on the “To Do” list, which always keeps growing, I forget to be grateful for all that I have and all that surrounds me. Today, I’m taking time to share one area of my home on which I focused and created a sacred space today.

Sacred Space Sunday Buffet

Sacred Space Sunday Buffet

Here is a buffet we have in our living room. Last year at this time it was stacked to overflowing with papers. During one of my summer “Clutter Buster” programs last year I directed my attention to clearing it. It has been clean ever since. It had the usual holiday decorations on it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then I changed everything to have a “clean start” for the Western New Year.

Today I put fresh flowers on the right side of the buffet. I had purchased them for one of my client’s Space Clearings, which was rescheduled. So I get to benefit from these lovely flowers instead.

On the left side of the buffet are some long cut branches just starting to flower. Most are branches from pruning my plum tree, but there are a couple of pear branches I cut today in there as well. I’ve tried to do this every year for about 4 years without success, but this year both the branches in bloom and I were in sync. PLUS, having the clean buffet allowed me a place to put them, which is one reason I haven’t had them the last couple of years.

Other items on the buffet are a beautiful blue vase, an ammonite, eagle and bear stone carving from my first Feng Shui class in Toronto, Canada in 1998, a hand-painted ceramic plate from Italy, star candle holders, carved-wood words of “HAPPY” and “PEACE” and finally a wooden wishing well hand-made by my 12-year-old son, Jeff a year before he died.

I haven’t had a place to display several of these items since we started a remodel nearly 13 years ago.

Do you have a SACRED SPACE? What do you have put away that you could bring out to create a special place for nurturing your soul? What brings joy to your heart and fills you with happiness and peace?

Find a place today – even if it is a small area – to create a beautiful, heart-centered, positive energy altar.

For me, THIS is truly a SACRED SPACE on this most magnificent SUNDAY!