Feng Shui has a number of “Dos” and “Taboos” associated with it, many of which sound crazy or superstitious, but when you are suffering from something without finding relief, why not try Feng Shui just in case it solves the problem.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, won't disturb me as night falls!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, won’t disturb me as night falls!

That has been the case with many of my clients throughout the years. One of my more recent “successes” – that has also been a success many times in the three decades I’m been doing Feng Shui – has been the relief of poor sleep by removing mirrors in the bedroom.

Some of the schools of Feng Shui – and there are about a dozen different schools, just in case you don’t know this fact about Feng Shui – says you should NOT have any mirrors in the bedroom. The belief is that you will have sleepless nights or nightmares. In some cases it is said to even cause health issues.

Now whether you believe it or not, if you or a loved one has not been getting a good night’s sleep for a while, check out the room to see if there is a mirror in it. If there is, that might be the problem.

There are several ways to resolve the issue. The easiest is to remove the mirror if that is possible. If by some chance it isn’t easy to remove the mirror – say you have a wall of mirrors or a large one attached to the wall – then the next best thing is to cover them at night while you sleep. This can be done with a scarf, sheet or blanket depending on the size of the mirror.

In the case of the sliding closet mirror doors, some of them can be turned around so the mirror is facing into the closet. If turning them inward isn’t possible, a drapery rod with hanging cloth drapes you can open and close as you desire, or need to do depending on the situation, can be a beautiful, decorative solution.

This most recent client had started snoring after placing a mirror in their bedroom. Their partner would wake up and move to another room due to the noise. The very first night the mirror was removed was the very first night they slept together in their bedroom in months or years (the exact length of time was not disclosed to me.)

Mirror, mirror on the wall – NO MORE DISTURBING OUR SLEEP since we MOVED YOU DOWN THE HALL!