It’s rare to find a previously built home with an abundance of Feng Shui qualities and I’m excited to share them with you during an Open House on Friday, July 10 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 11688 Dawson Drive in Los Altos Hills.

This home is an ideal example of Classic Feng Shui. It is situated up on a hill with an incredible view of the city and commerce. According to Feng Shui principles, the more you can see the city and from where business opportunities can come, the more opportunities and prosperity the occupants will experience.

Starting at the entrance with the address, this home has taken advantage of every possible Feng Shui principle to attract, grow and keep prosperity, health, successful children and the Good Life.

The numbers of the address are 11688. Here is the short explanation of this. The number 11 means “the ability to develop metaphysical qualities and intuition” – a major quality utilized in today’s savvy businesses. The ending numbers of 88 means “to be a master executive with vision” like Steve Jobs with Apple as well as the “ability to manifest massive amounts of money.” Then you take the middle three numbers of 168 for a GRAND FINALE. The 168 in most Asian cultures equates to: “Make money all the way” or “Prosperity all the way.” What a powerful culmination of numbers to have as one’s address!Arial view

When driving onto the property, the chances are you didn’t notice the pattern in the circular driveway. An aerial view shows the circle is divided into 8 segments. The “8” represents money/wealth and what is known as the Eight Mansions of Feng Shui. These are the eight areas of life that, when balanced, bring us the love, joy, health, worldly- and self-knowledge, children, family, loving relationships, creativity, prosperity, fame, fortune, wisdom and helpful people most people want in their lives.

Heading to the front door, a person crosses over the arched bridge and is greeted by 2 dragon lions. The arched bridge delineates the “outside world with the entrance to the sacred realm of the home.” This threshold separating the worlds is one of the most powerful entrances you can have for any building. Think of the palaces and you’ll know what I mean. The dragon lions not only greet, they protect. They keep away all that is not good. All places of power in Asia have these greeters/protectors!

Finally you arrive at the front door. This beautiful copper door has inlaid in it the shape of the “Mouth of Chi” or the “Breath of Life” often seen at your Chinese restaurants. It is considered the best shape for a door to bring life and vitality to the building. Copper is the best metal material for the health and vitality of women. It does not hinder male energy. In fact, it supports the ability for all living in this house to be able to make better decisions.

The interior tiled entry boosts a reddish color. This is designed to attract all the good, high-vitality energy desired in a Feng Shui home of this quality. Red is the “activating” color – a color that attracts all good! Also upon entering, you cannot see directly through to the back of the home. This allows what is known as “Good Chi or Energy” to stay within the home and circulate, not run directly outside.Tree in center of house

There are two staircases in this home. They are placed in the best possible locations according to Feng Shui principles. The circular one even goes so far as to have a large Ficus tree planted within it to raise the vitality of the home back up in an area where energy could otherwise be drained. This is a huge attention to detail from a Feng Shui perspective!

One of the most amazing Feng Shui features of this home is its positioning of the SWIMMING POOL. Very few people, including some Feng Shui Masters and most consultants, know this Feng Shui Principle. It’s the positioning of large bodies of water in relationship to the direction of the house. This house has a very large swimming pool on its east side. When the rays of the morning sun reflect off this pool onto the house, it is blessing the house with what is known as “Rainbow Energy.”Swimming pool on East

Rainbow energy is caused by the refraction of sunlight on the water streaming onto the house. This casts rainbows (the full spectrum of colors) onto the house, which, in turn, raises the vitality of the home and its occupants. This is considered to be one of the MOST INCREDIBLE FENG SHUI energies making this house a truly unique and amazing residence. It makes this house VERY AUSPICIOUS or VERY LUCKY, bringing much Good Fortune.

Not only is this pool located on the east side of the home, it is located in what would be considered the “wealth area” of the land according to the many Ba-Gua Schools of Feng Shui. A large body of water in the “wealth” area equates to the ability to amass large quantities of money and be able to hold on to it.

The home is located close to Highway 280 without being able to see it. This close proximity brings major business opportunities to this house without the unsightly view. This is a perfect house for anyone with an ENTREPRENEURIAL MENTALITY. The location in the hillside with lots of large green trees brings the energy of growth in business and personal endeavors. (By comparison, this same house on a hillside in the East Bay where much of the land covering is dried weeds and few trees would have very little growth and prosperity opportunities.)

For a home to have Good Feng Shui, we want to have the bedrooms be located on a different level from the main activities of the household, i.e., the living room, kitchen, dining areas. This home places the main family bedrooms on the lower level away from the overly active entertainment rooms upstairs. There is also a guest bedroom on the “active” floor where guests can stay, separating them from the “heart of the family” on the lower level. This is a PRICELESS arrangement according to Feng Shui.

What has happened to the previous occupants is an energy that most likely will occur for the next occupants. That’s why some Asians won’t buy certain homes. In looking at this home, there have been a series of Fortunate Blessings most people want.

The most recent family has lived here more than 10 years without any serious health issues. They raised 3 very wonderful, studious children who are doing very well in their adult lives. I believe one is a doctor. The family has loving relationships, their own very successful business and have been able to travel extensively. Money has not been an issue in their business or personal lives. They have moved from this lovely home that has served them extremely well because their children are grown, having moved away from home and graduated from college. They have downsized to a new home they have custom built to meet their new needs.

This recap of the previous occupants’ lives solidifies the success this house has brought due to its Feng Shui principles. If these are qualities you would like in your life, this house can support them.


If there is an Asian buyer looking for a house with “Good Feng Shui”, they should be shown this house. In a demographic area where the culture understands the power and influence of Feng Shui, this house would easily command at least a 25%-35% ABOVE APPRAISAL VALUE. In evaluating homes for both buyers and sellers for over 30 years, I have seen rare houses like this one command as much as 50% above the appraised value. The buyers totally understand that the money they GRATEFULLY spend to obtain these houses will come back to them manifold – monetarily, better relationships, health and vitality, plus Fortunate Blessings.

Come see this wonderful home that incorporates so many Feng Shui principles on Friday, July 10 between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at 11688 Dawson. It will help you understand how a home can create “Prosperity All The Way!”