Rat Year 2020 Purple Newsletter

Rat Year 2020 Newsletter Image

This (above and below) is part of what I wrote in my newsletters in early January 2020 before I had heard about COVID – and before we started to experience what COVID would do in, and to, our lives! These thoughts were based on how the “animals” in the Chinese Zodiac affect the energy of the upcoming year, and thus our lives. In hindsight, we can see how these energies played out during the Year of the Metal Rat 2020.

BUT… the prep work is the same for EVERY YEAR. Consider including these tips into your activities and life between now and February 1, 2022 when the Year of the Water Tiger starts!

Transform your life, and the world, by preparing for the Chinese New Year on January 25, 2020. This Chinese New Year is unlike any most people have experienced, unless you are 60+ years old and were old enough to remember, plus aware enough to understand its implications.

The next 10 days as we approach the Year of the Metal Rat I’ll share powerful, and potentially life changing, information in a few newsletters.  I hope you will take these gems, internalize them, and integrate them into your life. As the world becomes more interconnected through Internet energy, it’s imperative for us to become more connected to ALL the energies around us, especially our INNERnet – our inner energies, especially our intuition.

First, why “once in 60 years” you might be asking?

There are 12 animals in the lineup for the Chinese New Year and 5 elements, which equates to this formula of 12 x 5 = 60. The “Rat” is the FIRST of the animals, so it is considered to be a VERY AUSPICIOUS BEGINNING for the next 12 years. In addition, it’s not just a new year, it’s a NEW DECADE!

This is a rare game changer! It’s an EXTREMELY POWERFUL time in our lives. Let’s take full advantage of it!


Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Unlock and change the pathways in your brain to remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential.

1) Out with the Old – that means everything old!

Yes, let go of old items that no longer serve you (more later on this). More important, get rid of old BELIEFS. You want to “leave behind” as much “baggage” from the last decade and 60-year cycle as you can.

(It is even more important to “leave behind” the “baggage” from the last 2 years! The baggage could be FEAR, ANGER, HURT, GRIEF, and so much more!)

2) Focus only on positive, life-enhancing energy!

Instead of a focus on unjust things in our world or negative, judgmental issues, turn your thoughts and words into positive alignment. Rather than getting upset with a political view or action and jumping on the hysterical bandwagon as other people do, find a cause or action you can support – one filled with positive energy where you are helping people.

Negative words and energy block the flow of energy, causing illnesses. Positive energy fills you body with vitality giving you MORE energy.

3) There are incredible opportunities ahead this year, and you’ll need to make quick, informed choices. Don’t let these choices be based on “other people’s thoughts and perspectives.” They need to be YOUR decisions based on information you glean from reliable sources and your intuition. Steer clear of mass consciousness spread by the media. You’re only “feeding the dragon” of FEAR, actually contributing to more of that energy.

Conclusion – Think back to January 2020. Would these tips have helped you navigate what was ahead?

I’ve heard it said that: “Out of chaos order is created.” Is it possible the chaos we have been experiencing since 2020 is trying to create a more balanced order in our world?

I’ll be sharing more from my 2020 newsletters to help you prepare for the New Year. No matter what New Year it is – whether it’s a Western, Chinese, or Lunar New Year – simple preparation steps can help you create better energy for the upcoming year.