Haunted House

An illustration of a scary Halloween haunted house in silhouette with spooky trees


It is the Bewitching Hour and time to stir up a brew of gumption to make your home a healthy place to live for you and your family!

Although there are numerous items in and near a home that can cause issues, I’m focusing on the less obvious or well-known situations.





Hidden Hazards: HOME

Electro Magnetic Fields

Electro Magnetic Fields

You’ve probably heard about things like Lead paint and Radon that can’t be seen causing serious health issues or even death. Other issues that are just as harmful are EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields), chemical poisoning, and molds.

I know each of these personally.

  • EMFs originating from electronic devices near my bed caused severe headaches.
  • Chemical Poisoning from household cleaning products polluted my bedroom and overwhelmed my immune system causing autoimmune issues.
  • Mold in the attic and walls of our home attacked my throat & lungs causing me to lose my voice for 2 years.


    Toxic mold creates negative energy in your home

Each of these “hazards” can affect people differently. They are especially harmful to children. Females appear to be more susceptible than males.

If you or a loved one have any health issues, you might want to investigate these as possible culprits affecting your well-being.

Halloween Pumpkin Fairy Home

Halloween Pumpkin Fairy Home

These can be SPOOKY issues. Rather than having them TRICK you sometime in the future when you least expect them and have them SCARE YOU, let’s be proactive. Let’s TREAT the situation cautiously. Dress yourself as a detective. Investigate the possible culprits. Remove any GHOSTLY issues.

Doing so will help you feel confident the only scary things hiding in the corners and walls are the decorations you’ve put inside your home to celebrate holidays like Halloween. Your home may be “dressed” in a costume of cobwebs and spiders – both of which are fake – and your home will be a SAFE HOUSE for you and your family!