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Enough with the fear-based climate change pictures and stories. Negative motivation has not been my way of taking action for 4 decades! I respond to positive thoughts, ideas, and co-creation. What about you?

This photo is from a 2021 article from International Well Building Institute. (The link will take you to it.) It mentions how seeing smoke-spewing factory stacks and polar bears clinking to the last piece of ice don’t move people to action.

In sharing approaches used in educating parents about climate change, a couple words about the fear-based approach with which I could resonate were: paralysis, sacrifice, & scarcity. We often see and hear so much it causes overwhelm, especially with all the other issues we deal with day in and day out.

The only message that resonated with parents about making healthier choices for the students was: “A green school can offer your child that extra opportunity to succeed.”

As a parent – and now grandparent & great-grandparent – I’ve seen firsthand how the health of everyone is affected by poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), lack of sunlight in rooms, and other building/construction techniques once thought to be traditional “good design/build practices,” yet are outdated by newer technology and scientific data.

Fear-based Earth Day

Fear-based Earth Day

Several statements in the article resonated with me. Here’s one:

“The effect is magnified because we know that there’s a great deal of overlap between what’s good for people and what’s good for the planet. Investing in electrification, selecting low emitting materials and optimizing natural light are climate mitigation and human health strategies. It’s an approach that benefits all of us.”

As a woman who has experienced the death of a child, personal health issues due to toxic chemicals, and loved ones who have been victims in different forms of climate-related disasters, my focus for several decades has been to create healthy and nurturing environments for businesses and families to thrive.

As such, I leave you with this heart-felt quote from the article:

“In order to be effective, climate messages must tap into our intrinsic motivations. It’s our universal aspiration for ourselves to be healthy, for our families to be well, for our businesses and communities to thrive. That’s what moves us to act.”

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