Clutter Buster Program

3-Session Group Calls — Reg $197, Today $117

Are you embarrassed by the cluttered state of your home?

Do you have trouble finding important papers or things you need IMMEDIATELY?

Wish you had areas creating a sense of “peace” in your home?

Then this program is for you!

You will learn how clutter:

  • Affects at least 18 areas of our lives
  • Stops the flow of money
  • Negatively affects your health

At the end of the 3 sessions, you will:

  1. Know what area to clear as your “Trigger” area of clutter
  2. Define a “Pathway for Prosperity” and clear it of negative energy
  3. Unblock the main source of stuck energy in your home affecting your health

Clutter Buster (Valued at $197, but actually PRICELESS) Today’s price: $117