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The Healing Designer using Feng Shui, green, sustainable &

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Empowered Self Care Book NOW AVAILABLE!

Linda is proud to be a featured author in the #1 best-seller, “Empowered Self-Care:  Healing Body, Mind, and Soul for a Better World.” Regardless of your background, will find an expanded view of what self-care means and how it affects those around us. You will also take away some very practical tips and generous resources to facilitate self-healing, personal growth and inspire you to create a daily self-care practice of your own. Open your mind and open your heart to receive this amazing manual for soulful living and empowered self-care.

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Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her home knowing it is healthy, beautiful in her eyes, and balanced energetically to bring the best possible energy to her and her family. This group will include Feng Shui and interior design tips, healthy home ideas, green & sustainable information, and organizing tips to help create your home as a reflection of you.

Meet Linda

Feng Shui Master, Designer, Speaker, Author, & Owner of A Beautiful Center of Light

Linda Lenore is a leading international authority on Feng Shui, the ancient art of how the environment shapes our lives, and is one of the few non-Asian Certified Feng Shui Masters in the United States.

Renowned for her expertise in creating corporate and home environments that both stimulate success and soothe the soul, Linda has appeared on every major television station in North America, was interviewed for a documentary on Feng Shui in Europe, and is a frequent guest on radio talk shows across the nation. She is the only “Vital Office” / “Vital Home” Certified Consultant in North America.

Empowered Self Care Book

Empowered Self-Care Book

What if your home holds the secret keys to unlock your heart’s desires – your deepest yearnings of life?

“Plants were drooping. Some leaves were yellow while others were brown, totally dried up. What had been a lush greenhouse window full of houseplants just a few weeks before was now a dismal array of neglected plants desperately needing some TLC (Tender Loving Care), just like their owner…”

Thus begins my chapter in Empowered Self-Care:  Healing Body, Mind, and Soul for a Better World.”

Years of being an interior designer creating beautiful, functional homes for my clients has shown me the house is so much more than a place of shelter. It represents every aspect of our life; it is symbolic of every part of our body, mind, and sprit. It is a reflection of SELF!

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“…the (UPS) Store does feel ‘better’ in some intangible way. The (device) on top of my monitor in the back office … makes a difference on the EMF, and I feel much more comfortable working back there … things continue to go (forward). I am feeling very good.”

– Karen S., Owner, UPS Store, Palo Alto, CA

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