Consultations for Your Home

The ancients of many cultures understood the impact our environment has on the human psyche, that creating a home that is beautiful and functional is only part of the whole concept.  A home is a place to nurture and rejuvenate the vital force that lives within us.  It is a metaphor of us as human beings and symbolic of how we are living our lives.  The home is sacred space and a major influence in our lives, creating a space that helps us be more productive from a spirit point of view.  There is power in this place we call home – a sacredness unlike any other in our lives.  We create it in our own image.  It is a reflection of who we are and what we dream.

This quote from my book, The Gift of the Red Envelope, expresses my passion for the work I do in your home.  The dwelling in which we eat, sleep, and find security and safety from the rest of the world ­ whether that is a house, condo, apartment, or rented room ­ is our palette to paint our life’s picture.

Also within these walls our whole physical body is represented ­ from the foundation as our feet to the roof as the top of our heads, from the studs as our bones, to the doors as our mouth and the windows as our eyes.  Think of the pictures of houses drawn by children ­ they often look like a face. Sometimes they even appear to smile and have a personality.  Giving tender loving care to your home actually is giving tender loving care to yourself.

So where do we start? We begin at the front of the building ­ your entrance to your mouth of chí.  Just as people judge by first impressions, it is best if the first impression of the building is one of beauty ­ a smiling face with clean, white teeth, stunning structural features, and a few accessories, maybe even perfume.  This would equate to a clean front yard, walkway and porch, a door that is clean and easily opens with a fresh coat of paint, and a brass doorknob (or something architecturally attractive), lovely welcome mat and some plants with flowers, or maybe even a fragrance.  Do you start to see the correlation?

We continue inside. The inner parts of the body are within the house, so we might have clogged arteries or lower back pain (physical health), lack of support in our endeavors from our family unit (mental health), be grieving a broken heart in the loss of a loved one (emotional health), or the inability to find happiness (spiritual health), as just a few of the many issues we might be experiencing in our homes.

Consultations & Evaluations

Some analyzed items during the consultation and evaluation of a home include:

Neighborhood and general location of the building
Landscaping surrounding the building
Shape of the lot – Location of the house on the lot
Determine the Trigram of the House/Dwelling
Floor plan flow for optimal positive energy
A room-by-room evaluation including shape, size, ceiling heights, furniture placement (addition, removal, or rearrangement), color, lighting (natural and artificial), and power points and positions
Implementation of personal elements in key locations
Check and measure for electromagnetic fields, microwave, radio, television radiation and other electro smog and evaluate countermeasures for effectiveness
Solutions offered for challenging areas are based on functionality, practicality, personal tastes, vitality of objects, religious/spiritual preferences and cultural orientation. It is a very interactive process taking several hours.

In doing Feng Shui consultations, Linda brings into play her wealth of experience in the design field (over 40 years) as well as her scientific inquisitiveness to analyze the space and find the best solutions to the situation. Also, she is a Certified Green Building Professional, so Linda’s solutions include not just any product, but one that is healthy both for you and the planet.

Below you will find a partial list of benefits for you and services for the home.

Fertility & Children's Health

We are happy to have helped, along with the services of different acupuncturists, many couples to become pregnant and give birth to happy, healthy babies. Many of the principles to unblock meridians in the body are used to unblock the “chí” flow in the house. This along with several other “tried and true” applications have resulted in about an 80% success rate.

My introduction to Feng Shui was closely aligned with the death of my son, Jeff, who died from a malignant brain tumor at the age of 13 years. It had a profound negative impact on my life to the point that I was driven to disprove this ancient philosophy & science. Ultimately though, it has given me the opportunity to have helped many children to have happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Children scheduled for surgery have been able to heal to a point that surgery was no longer needed (Kathy ­ age 4 ­ scheduled for heart surgery in 8 months ­ bedroom painted a different color). Areas of concern for both parent and child, like asthma (twin boy and girl ­ age 2.5 years ­ ceiling changed in room), learning disabilities (Alex age 7 ­ bed moved and room painted), and sleep patterns (John ­ age 6 ­ moved bed, David ­ age 8 ­changed rooms, & Sarah – age 4 ­ changed paint), have changed without medication if a Feng Shui problem was present and an appropriate solution was implemented.

House Blessings

House Blessings can be for anything from moving into a new home to having a new partner or celebrating a special occasion or event, even something a natural as a solstice or as potentially negative as a downsizing at work. We’ll talk about the reason to do it and how best to achieve your desired outcome.

Land Clearings

Do you know what’s under your house? I’m not talking about dirt and rocks. I’m looking at the really deep stuff ­ the digging or drilling into the land that is holding your dwelling in place ­ the foundation. Also, what is below that? How was the land used before your home was built on this parcel of land?
We have many areas that were slaughterhouses for poultry and other farm animals. There are fault lines, rotting vegetation, underground caves and burial sites, just to name a few. Land clearing brings the land naturally back into harmony with the earth ­ the way it was before mankind stepped on it.


Electromagnetic Fields and other “electro smog” are created by our many electronic gadgets ­ televisions, computers, clock radios, microwaves, etc. ­ their connections into and throughout our buildings, and the transformers used with them. My experience with these originated with my own serious health issues in the late 1980’s followed by training in the United States, Canada and Europe. We now have the technology to test, locate and in many situations, block or prevent these from becoming a problem or contributing to illnesses.

Space Clearings

Space clearings are a way to make your home feel like a new place ­ giving you a sense of the sacredness and richness that a home can be. There might have been a very sad experience that has occurred in your home ­ a death, divorce, drugs, or depression. The residue of these energies lingers and attracts more of the same sad feelings.

We’ll create just the right ceremony for you and your home to bring health, happiness, vitality, prosperity, and “the good life” to you.

Designing New Home & Remodeling

Designing a new home or remodeling an old one means you will be tearing apart the guts of both your home and your life ­ literally. There is a close relationship between your body and your house, as I have mentioned before. This can be a horrible experience or a way to catapult you into a whole new world of expression.

Working with you and your team of qualified professionals, we can create not only a functional and beautiful home, but a home that is in harmony with each member of the family unit, the land upon which it is built, the neighborhood in which you live, and the town within which it is located. In other words ­ A DREAM HOME!!!

Oh, did I mention. It will also be a healthy home for all as we will explore the use of green/sustainable products and construction techniques to make it not only responsibly built, but Feng Shui correct, Universally designed (known as “Aging in Place”), and vitally energized.

Gardens & New Landscaping

Gardens – one of our most wonderful connections to nature that surrounds our dwelling and nurtures our soul. We take cues from “Landscape/Form” School Feng Shui as well as the natural energy of the land. The truly great landscapers intuitively know where plants, rocks, and hardscapes need to be placed.

Tell me what your lifestyle is (kid’s playground, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, waterfall and pond, art sculpture garden, natural or country cottage) plus the desires of your heart and we’ll create a garden and yard that is an extension of you and your home.

The Many Benefits of Feng Shui

Some of the benefits of Feng Shui are readily felt, while others may take a while. No one can predict the future and be able to alter what Mother Nature has in store for us. And since a lot of what we are doing in Feng Shui consultations and evaluations has to do with the earth itself, we can only control our thoughts and what we physically do in you dwelling and on the land surface.

That having been said, here are the most common benefits you will see and feel after implementing the suggested changes around you.

  • Better health, vitality
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved communications
  • Better human relationships
  • Deeper insights into life situations
  • More abundance and prosperity
  • A greater sense of harmony, especially with Nature

Contact us to discuss your particular issues, options and to arrange an appointment.

Testimonials –

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the “clearing!”  Our home feels so much better and I’m taking all of your suggestions (moving the fountain, hanging an exterior plant, planting a Myers lemon tree, etc.).”

– Lara P., Los Altos, CA

Office & Business Design

For optimum effective office design, we will begin with:

  • The Mission statement of the company.
  • Strategic planning ­ where and how the company wants to go in five or ten years.
  • Design of the office layout and furniture, especially working table design.  Then create the environment and layout best suited to facilitate and enhance the company’s future strategic thinking and goals.  The new working environment then provides the suitable environment and acts as a catalyst for a continuous action and motivation.

Here are a few of the KEY ISSUES in the design of an office necessary for the success of forward thinking businesses.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • An employee feels proud and safe in his/her work place (with minimal effect caused by electrosmog and EMF).
  • Good ambience for their personal feelings and work-style ­ feel happy just sitting in your seat.
  • Open space and open landscape work-plan layout supports easier eye contact and verbal communications.
  • Each work station has space for computer and other tools needed to perform work-related tasks plus a good open space to view ­ what is known as the “Ming Tang,” an open space to facilitate and open the mind for “seeing” opportunity and enhance creativity and innovation.
  • Facilitate teamwork in created working space environments also known as tea-clusters.  This would include break areas, rest areas, and everywhere employees are encouraged to mingle and talk in order to develop friends and a sense of team members.
  • Create environments for team spirit and caring for team members to instill confidence and feel safe as a team member.  In total ­ a big family “tribe” feeling where everyone is working together to achieve economic objectives, self-growth, and ultimately a protected retirement.

Some of the analyzed areas during the consultation and evaluation of a business are:

  • Neighborhood and general location of the building
  • Landscaping surrounding the building ­ A few of the qualities evaluated are Landscape/Form School Feng Shui including Celestial Animals Formation, fountain & Water Dragon, land shape, Ming Tang, and Chi flow
  • Floor plan flow and optimal positive energy
  • Optimal placement of appropriate function within building placement
  • A room-by-room evaluation including shape, size, ceiling heights, furniture placement (addition, removal, or rearrangement), color, lighting (natural and artificial), power points and positions, and climatic conditions
  • Proper orientation of doorways, restrooms, conference rooms, CEO and other Executive offices, R&D, accounting, and other functions vital to the success of a business
  • Power directions and proper elemental materials used for desks and other objects located in offices for the CEO, Key Person, and employees for optimal performance in their role of the company
  • Check and measurement for electromagnetic fields, microwave, radio, television radiation and other electro smog and evaluate countermeasures for effectiveness
  • Check for earth and land energies including geopathic fields and zones, stress fields and stress factors, presence of light and sunlight, energy of land, and harmony of the occupants with the land.

Knowledge of Feng Shui can turn your company around, or give you the competitive edge you need not only to survive in today’s difficult business environment, but also to reach your highest potential for business success.

Contact us to discuss your particular issues, options and to arrange an appointment.

Testimonials –

“…the (UPS) Store does feel ‘better’ in some intangible way. The (device) on top of my monitor in the back office … makes a difference on the EMF, and I feel much more comfortable working back there … things continue to go (forward). I am feeling very good.”

– Karen S., Owner, UPS Store, Palo Alto, CA.