Clutter Buster Program

  • Are you embarrassed by the cluttered state of your home?
  • Do you have trouble finding important papers of things you need IMMEDIATELY?
  • Wish you had areas creating a sense of “peace” in your home?

Then this program is for you!



Zoom meetings – 2 each week

Wednesday, February 10 at 9AM
Saturday, February 13 at 10AM
Friday, February 19 at 9AM
Saturday, February 20 at 10AM
Friday, February 25 at 9AM
Saturday, February 26 at 10AM
Friday, March 5 at 9AM


 1) Introductions, where you’d like help/focus

(short intros by attendees – approx. 15 seconds each)

2) Presenter on topic – roughly 40 minutes

3) Remainder of time – you’ll actually work on a project

You’ll commit to a task, check in at the top of the hour to share wins, ask questions, or ask for help/suggestions.

You can join as many sessions as you want and are able to attend.


1) Video – 22 Ways Clutter Affects Our Lives

An hour-long Zoom recording where I share the many ways clutter affects our lives. Included are how it stops the flow of money and negatively affects your health.


2) Audio recording – Feng Shui Your Way to the Bank

An hour-long interview and presentation on Feng Shui, clutter, and abundance with Kathleen Ronald of Speaktacular!

This program has sold for $497.

Because it is imperative to CLEAR CLUTTER for the
Year of the Ox, starting February 12th

Your investment is $117 plus
your time to do the work!