Transformation Through Creativity

by Linda Lenore

Published in Catalist Magazine
Spring 1996

What does creativity mean to you? Do you think of the Arts-music, dance, and writing? Maybe you think of design-fashion, architecture, landscaping?

Although we usually think of creativity this way, the fact is we are being “creative” every time we think, or more appropriately, every time we use our Mind. I’m not talking about the human brain but the Universal Mind of Creation. The power that works through us helping us become more of what we are meant to be.

Often this power works through us best when something happens in our life causing a change to occur, kicking us out of the “rut” or routine- a “Wake-Up Call”. Any number of things can cause it including marriage/divorce, births/deaths, and job changes.

Once while going through a “Wake-Up Call”, I participated in a “transition” group. One of the real gifts in this class was the awareness of how I personally handle change. We were asked to look at traumas in our childhood. What was the challenge? How did we feel? Did we do something that was different from the normal routine in our lives? Was this time creative and did it make us feel better?

The pattern for me was-get physical. Physical activity allowed me a way to vent anger and frustration. I’d churn up soil in the garden or clean house, often rearranging furniture. This gave me quiet time; time to think and feel. Pictures would come to me, ideas to help people, objects to make, or a different/better way to do something. I was letting my creativity-a Higher Power or spiritual energy, work through me-a very rewarding, creative, healing process.

What I found through this class was a way to transform myself-to leave behind the old, which no longer served me, yet reinforce and retain new aspects and perspectives that empowered me. These were things that meant something to me and excited me to the core of my being.

Some cultures believe you can call this spiritual energy to you easier by placement of certain objects on or around you. Sometimes a ritual or ceremony is also used. Using Feng Shui as a guideline, I have brought in this creative energy many times for myself as well as my clients. Sometimes I will sit facing East, letting the warm glow of the early morning sunrise light up my spirit. It can be a remembrance on a cellular level of coming out of the darkness of the womb/tomb, the birthing of the body and the spirit.

According to the Ba-gua (a model used in Feng Shui) there is an area in each room known as the children’s area that resonates the energy of creativity. To find this area in a room, stand in the doorway facing the inside of the room. It will be the area in the middle on the right-hand side of the room. Often when I need to write or develop an idea, I will sit in this area and look out a window.

Many times my work with Feng Shui is transforming. For instance, often people have reached a stagnant point of development. Sometimes there is a correlation with furniture that reached a designated spot years ago and hasn’t been moved since. It’s just like stagnant water. If we as individuals were stagnant, that would be fine, but we’re not. We’re active and alive, moving to higher planes of spiritual development. By moving furniture (which is a form of creativity) and becoming “unstagnant”, we change perspectives that allow us to perceive things differently.

Sometimes a desk facing a wall blocks us. Two suggestions are-1) Simply turn the desk toward a view, or 2) Place a picture of your “dream vacation” on the wall above it. Both of these are creative and change your “perception”. This shift in perception often unblocks creative energy allowing transformation to occur.

It doesn’t matter what form creativity takes; what matters is the “flow” of the creativity-the “flow” of the Higher Power working through you-transforming you from being “stuck-in-a-rut,” moving forward into the Light Being YOU are meant to be!