Sample TrigramDirection/Element/Color Evaluation Chart

This personalized one-page chart is partially derived from your birth date. It gives you the best directions for you to succeed in life – whether it’s through improving your health, finances or relationships. You’ll learn how the correct placement of your bed can improve your vitality, sleep and other related activities in the bedroom. In your Feng Shui office, placing the desk toward a specific direction supports your dreams and ability to get things done through concentration or delegation.

If you are creating a new Feng Shui house, it will tell you which way to orient your door. This is especially helpful if you are building, remodeling or selecting a new home. You’ll discover which animals, colors and elements can undermine and stifling your energy. You’ll gain insights into why you are drawn to specific colors, animals and elements and which ones will support you the most for a particular situation. A Usage Sheet is included to help guide you through this information to obtain optimal energy and vitality in your office and bedroom.

Chart: $300 per person (BONUS – Includes 15-minute, One-to-One Q&A coaching session.)