Practical Design for Power & Success Using Feng Shui

4-Part Webinar Series

Create the “Life of Your Dreams”
by making changes to your environment

Are you stuck in your career?

Do you want financial serenity?

Is your family sick?

Do you wish your relationships were better?

Would being more productive or creative make you happy?

You’ll learn:

  • How your home’s design can stop your success
  • Where “money” comes into your home and how it flows out unexpectedly
  • Critical design techniques to attract and keep loving relationships
  • How architectural qualities affect your energy and health, plus how to improve energy for yourself and your home
  • What is needed within the home to be supported in your life
  • Ways to create balanced energy for you as well as the areas within your home through interior design and exterior landscaping

What: 50-minute webinars, one each in June, July, August & September

When: At your viewing convenience

Where: Your computer or tablet

Contact: Linda Lenore @ 650.368.5332

Cost: Valued at $1997 – Reduced to $497 –  Click here to purchase TODAY ONLY for the special price of $297