The ABCs of Building the Life YOU Want While Beautifying Your Home

The most comprehensive program for learning, understanding, and implementing
the powerful, peaceful principles of Feng Shui!

This newly updated program is the only step-by-step approach that will help you feel confident with your knowledge and use of Feng Shui, gain clarity on how to craft your home as a 3-D Vision Board supporting you 24/7/365 as you build your dream life, and create calm as you choose how to change aspects of your life you thought were beyond your control.

What might your future look like?


Plain and Simple: Your Home as 3-D Vision Board Changes Lives and

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  • 4 “Clutter Buster” sessions valued at $497

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Linda has been honored to work with thousands of people

in her 40+ years of Feng Shui design!

The following testimonial is from the Producer of the Hallmark Channel. She oversaw all the “weekly series” including the New Morning series.

“Your segment on New Morning (The Hallmark Channel) was superb! I just finished watching it and wanted to let you know how wonderfully you presented the philosophy of Feng Shui. Your enthusiasm, generosity, and compassion are as genuine on television as they are in person.

You shared a lot of information in a short amount of time.  You explained Feng Shui in a way that the uninitiated and skeptical could understand. I am simply amazed when I think of the number of people you have touched today with your message and how it will positively impact their lives. Awesome!”

~Eileen, New York City, NY

It was after five when Linda finished.  She had come at one. She had spent an entire afternoon in sweltering heat to clear my house. And what difference did it make?

I’m very energetically sensitive, and I have to say the differences seemed quite subtle. The first thing I noticed was that the neighbor’s dog was no longer barking incessantly in the yard. Things were quieter. I felt less edgy. More at peace.

Ten days later, I was leaving town to go to my cousin’s wedding. It was the beginning of the month, and I had no business on the books, which naturally made me nervous.  I put a note underneath the fountain in the kitchen – my wealth corner. My August is fully booked.  While I was on vacation, I got three calls from people asking to meet when I got back. Hmmm.  Things were moving, shifting. Picking up.

What greeted me when I got home, however, was something I never would have believed. As I pulled up into my driveway, the first thing I saw was a large FOR SALE sign sitting on my nasty neighbor’s lawn. They were moving!

~SS, San Mateo, CA


Linda came to teach our design class a brief overview on Feng Shui and how it applies to interior design.  I had been having difficulty getting pregnant, and I stayed after class to ask her a few questions about Feng Shui and how it could help in my efforts at conception. 

Linda not only answered my questions but asked me a few pointed questions about myself and my home, then she gave me some simple suggestions that could help.  Two months later I had conceived! 

I was so excited and I want to thank Linda for her time and suggestions that really were not difficult to make happen in my home.

~JR, Atherton, CA

What is inside the program?

Click on the + to expand/read what each module includes

Module 1: Architect

In this module you are going to be the architect of your life. Just like an architect will ask the clients what they want and what they don’t want in their home, you are going to analyze what you want in your home. You’re also going to analyze what you want in your life. They go hand-in-hand in this module and course.

Module 1 Highlights:

  • Assessment of home – the rooms, their locations, furnishings, usage, and accessories
  • Assessment of life – what is working, what doesn’t work, what do you want to change, and how do you want to change it
  • Awareness of architectural features throughout the home
  • Analysis of assessment
Module 2: Blueprint

In this module, you are going to create a Blueprint for your life. After the architect hears the wants and before the contractor starts to build, they need a blueprint. This Blueprint shows what is going to be torn away, left, and rebuilt. You’re going to do a version of this also.

Module 2 Highlights:

  • Learn about the Ba-Gua and how to use it
  • Ba-Gua and the areas of life
  • Ba-Gua and its relationship to the body
  • Blockages found in homes vs. body
  • Bugs and other bothersome things
Module 3: Contractor

In this module, you are going to be the contractor for your life. The contractor takes the blueprint, decides what is possible, and helps the client make decisions based on budget, especially concerning what tools and materials will be needed. You’re going to base your decisions about what is possible in the length of time and material you have as to what you are going to construct. As a contractor, you are going to bring the mental vision into physical form. This will require creative energy.

Module 3 Highlights:

  • Creativity as a component for solutions to problems
  • Communication, where it is located in the home and how to improve it
  • Clutter affects all areas of life and our body – manage it, remove it, organize it
  • Closets – “behind closed doors” challenge
Module 4: Detective, Designer & Decorator

In this module, you are going to become the detective, designer, and decorator of your life. Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper to find the hidden issue – in our building, our life, or both! If we come across an issue, sometimes we can work around it by designing something differently or decorate it to either hide it or possibly eliminate it.

Module 4 Highlights:

  • Design style – what is yours?
  • Doors and their function
  • Detox your home
Module 5: Electrician

Here’s the module where we really start electrifying our work! Yes, pun intended! We’re going to be energizing each space appropriately. Some places we want energetically high while others are would be more restful. We’ll also work with hidden hazards to heal them and your health.

Module 5 Highlights:

  • Energy – The GOOD, BAD, & UGLY, stuck and EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • Enhancements & re-Enforcements as solutions
  • Esthetics – Asian tchotchkes aren’t for everyone!
  • Empowerment through and by you
  • Eco-psychology
Module 6: Final Inspection (& Foundation)

Before the building can be occupied it needs to go through a Final Inspection. Actually, there may be several refinements of final inspections. We are going to look at the details of what we did to see if we are happy with what we’ve built. I say we, because I’m going to guide you through a process, so you are the heroine of your ABC Life Building Journey. Here are some tools we use for the inspection – AND each area needs to pass the inspection. PLUS, we are going to make sure you have a solid foundation on which to continue your progress.

Module 6 Highlights:

  • Feng Shui – different schools applied in various situations
  • Foundation – the addition of different schools reinforces your building tools
  • Frequency – appropriate vibration for desired outcomes
  • FUN – if it doesn’t bring you joy, why have it?
BONUS Module 7: Gardens & Guarantee: Lifetime - A Tool you can confidently use for your LIFE!

Let’s take it outside to the garden plus bring the garden inside. Also, this is a tool you can use for life, so it has a lifetime guarantee to influence your life in the most positive of ways. Continue using, exploring, and evaluating your environment as you grow and change.

Module 7 Highlights:

  • Greening the Home – Sustainable & healthy
  • Greenery – plant add energy and life force
  • Gratitude as a guideline & guidance
BONUS Module 8: Heart of Home (or Heart & Home) Guidance

Last, but not least, one of the most powerful tools is creating the HEART OF THE HOME! This brings in love, which heals body, mind, and spirit. Then how do you maintain this journey and energy.

 Module 8 Highlights:

  • Heart of the Home – what is it and how to create it
  • Habits – developing and maintaining
  • Healing your body, mind, & spirit – thoughts

How does the program work?

There is a Welcome Video greeting you to recap what the course will provide, how the course will work, plus a couple of PDFs to get you started thinking about your life and what you want.

The course is 10 weeks long. It gives you time to implement what you learn and to catch up if you need it.

There are 6 modules.

Each Module will become LIVE (what is known as “DRIPPED”) on the Mastermind Platform on Friday of each week. The first module will start on Friday, March 24th.

I purposely created it this way to allow you time to schedule an hour or two over the weekend to listen to the module and implement what you can.

Mark an hour of uninterrupted “ME TIME” so you can listen to the modules. It can be TWO 30-minute timeslots, a 1-hour timeslot, or whatever works for you as uninterrupted time for you to listen and take notes.

 Then schedule another hour to implement what you have learned. Remember this isn’t a race, hard to do, or something meant to stress you. Try to go with the flow. Let spirit guide you. Part of Feng Shui is to learn when and how to trust your intuition, not just your brain!



On Tuesdays I will be LIVE on Zoom. The times will be at 10am and 5:30pm PDT. These will be recorded and downloaded to your course for you to listen to – and re-listen to – at your leisure.

You’ll be able to ask your questions during these Zoom calls. Each person will have a limited amount of time to ask questions. I’ll give more details about this when we start.

If you can’t attend a LIVE session, submit your questions before hand. I will answer them during the LIVE sessions. EVERYONE will benefit from these Q&As.

There is a saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know!” This applies to so much of our lives. When you’re in these group sessions, your mind most probably will wander. That’s a good thing because the subconscious takes over, triggering just what you need to “hear” on a different level.

As I’m answering the concerns of one person, don’t be surprised when this happens. A thought in you about a totally different area of your home or life often occurs. I encourage you to be LIVE if you can. If not, “Don’t Worry, I’ve Got You!” There are the replays.



When I was planning this course, I realized there were two more ABC points to include. The first is about Gardens. The second is the Heart of Home.

The format of the course roadmap will get you from where you are now on your Feng Shui home & life journey to where you want to go. You don’t need these last two modules. AND… They are powerful additions to the course.