I love to have fun with Feng Shui, which makes the energy created even more powerful. The energetic vibrancy of joy, happiness, love, playfulness, creativity, and beauty – to name a few adjectives of high emotional vibrations – can change just about any possible bad vibes.

Groundhog Day Cookies from Penzey's website

Groundhog Day Cookies from Penzey’s website

That’s why a sign I used “on stage” at the 100’s of presentations I did around North America in the late 1990s and early 2000s had the word FUN in bold letters!

Hence, this blog is about having FUN!!! (I also incorporate FUN FRIDAY FENG SHUI posts on my social media most Fridays.)


When I lived close to a Penzey’s spice store, they had a special promotion on making Groundhog Day cookies. I immediately purchased a cookie cutter to celebrate this fun and unique day. You can find the recipe I used here: https://www.penzeys.com/shop/recipes/groundhog-cookies/

Official Groundhog Cookie Recipe from "VisitPA"

Official Groundhog Cookie Recipe from “VisitPA”

It turns out there is an Official Groundhog Cookie Recipe from Pennsylvania here: https://www.visitpa.com/article/official-groundhog-cookie-recipe

I always loved the movie, Groundhog Day, because it gave me hope that I can “do over” anything until I get it right – or close enough!

Groundhog Day Movie image from Amazon

Do Overs – Getting It Right vs. Doing What Works

There was a time I wrote a blog every week – sometimes every day. I loved sharing my knowledge, especially the many things not usually discussed about Feng Shui.

You see, I was not an advocate of Feng Shui when first introduced to it nearly 40 years ago. Always asking “WHY?” got me dismissed from several Feng Shui schools. That lesson taught me to keep asking questions until I found the answers. That’s a DO OVER of one type.

Since I love to share the “little known” or “held privately” knowledge, I’m committed to write blogs more often. There is a huge amount of unmentioned knowledge about Feng Shui. I do share them in my courses and will be sharing here as well.

Because I was always asking WHY, I figured out how many other diverse modalities I’ve studied connect to each other. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED! That’s why you will find me discussing and sharing Feng Shui in a way that connects rather than isolates.

Chinese New Year Checklist

As part of the interconnectedness, I celebrate the Chinese New Year. It’s a time to think about what I want to DO OVER. What worked? What didn’t work? This year it starts on February 10th, 2024.

It’s a time to focus on gratitude when I’m not exhausted from the holiday madness that results with the Western calendar year. I love the symbology and the shift in energy that’s created when I utilize some of the customs.

Dragon Reflection in the water as part of the Chinese or Lunar New Year Ceremonies

Dragon Reflection in the water as part of the Chinese or Lunar New Year Ceremonies

I’ve created a CHECKLIST with things to do in your house BEFORE the New Year, activities or tasks to shift your personal energy in preparation for the New Year (both of these can be done for any “new year or new beginning”), and the customs for the FIRST DAY of the Chinese New Year. You can get your FREE eBook here: https://lindalenore.com/cny2024/

Since one of the customs is doing a deep cleaning of your home and tomorrow is the last Saturday before the New Year, I will be doing my deep cleaning this weekend!

How about you? What are your thoughts on Groundhog Day, “DO OVERs,” and Chinese New Year? Please share in the comments.

DON’T FORGET – GRAB YOUR 2024 CHINESE NEW YEAR CHECKLIST HERE! https://lindalenore.com/cny2024/