Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?

Back in 1999, during a course with the esteemed Karen Kingston, a guru in all things space clearing and energy work, a tale was spun that stuck with me for years. It was a story about a bed, of all things.

Bed in hotel room

Bed in hotel room – © enginakyurt, 123RF Free Images

Picture this: a client, uneasy in her own bed with her new flame, invites Karen into her home. And where does Karen sense the energy? Yep, you guessed it – the bed. Turns out, that bed had seen more action than a Hollywood blockbuster, with a slew of men leaving their energetic mark, while the lady of the house remained the sole woman. Talk about a story that gives you goosebumps! It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but with a twist – it’s not about the porridge being just right, it’s about how YOU feel in that bed.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – or should I say, the bed? Have you ever stopped to ponder who’s been cozying up in your bed before you? It’s enough to make you think twice about your next hotel stay, right? I mean, what if that bed could talk? The stories it could tell!

Speaking of stories, let me share mine. Back in ’63, I unwittingly stumbled upon the ability to feel the energy of a bed. Trust me, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. It all started with a teenage tantrum and some regrettable words exchanged with my father. Little did I know, those words would be the last he’d hear before a heart attack claimed him. The guilt weighed heavy on me, but what weighed even heavier was the realization that I had been sleeping in that very bed for years, soaking in the residual fear and pain of his final moments. It was like living a nightmare in my sleep.

Fast forward to adulthood, and I found myself using that same sensitivity to help others. Take one client who, post-breakup, was desperate for an energy overhaul. Armed with nothing but a broom and some serious determination, she set out to banish the old vibes from her bed. And wouldn’t you know it, a few months later, she’s walking down the aisle with her high school sweetheart, blissfully married for a decade and counting.

So, dear reader, I pose this question to you – who’s been leaving their mark on YOUR bed? Could it be time for an energy shift? It’s worth considering, don’t you think? After all, a good night’s sleep might just be the sweep of a broom away.

Groundhog Day on Fun Friday Feng Shui

I love to have fun with Feng Shui, which makes the energy created even more powerful. The energetic vibrancy of joy, happiness, love, playfulness, creativity, and beauty – to name a few adjectives of high emotional vibrations – can change just about any possible bad vibes.

Groundhog Day Cookies from Penzey's website

Groundhog Day Cookies from Penzey’s website

That’s why a sign I used “on stage” at the 100’s of presentations I did around North America in the late 1990s and early 2000s had the word FUN in bold letters!

Hence, this blog is about having FUN!!! (I also incorporate FUN FRIDAY FENG SHUI posts on my social media most Fridays.)


When I lived close to a Penzey’s spice store, they had a special promotion on making Groundhog Day cookies. I immediately purchased a cookie cutter to celebrate this fun and unique day. You can find the recipe I used here: https://www.penzeys.com/shop/recipes/groundhog-cookies/

Official Groundhog Cookie Recipe from "VisitPA"

Official Groundhog Cookie Recipe from “VisitPA”

It turns out there is an Official Groundhog Cookie Recipe from Pennsylvania here: https://www.visitpa.com/article/official-groundhog-cookie-recipe

I always loved the movie, Groundhog Day, because it gave me hope that I can “do over” anything until I get it right – or close enough!

Groundhog Day Movie image from Amazon

Do Overs – Getting It Right vs. Doing What Works

There was a time I wrote a blog every week – sometimes every day. I loved sharing my knowledge, especially the many things not usually discussed about Feng Shui.

You see, I was not an advocate of Feng Shui when first introduced to it nearly 40 years ago. Always asking “WHY?” got me dismissed from several Feng Shui schools. That lesson taught me to keep asking questions until I found the answers. That’s a DO OVER of one type.

Since I love to share the “little known” or “held privately” knowledge, I’m committed to write blogs more often. There is a huge amount of unmentioned knowledge about Feng Shui. I do share them in my courses and will be sharing here as well.

Because I was always asking WHY, I figured out how many other diverse modalities I’ve studied connect to each other. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED! That’s why you will find me discussing and sharing Feng Shui in a way that connects rather than isolates.

Chinese New Year Checklist

As part of the interconnectedness, I celebrate the Chinese New Year. It’s a time to think about what I want to DO OVER. What worked? What didn’t work? This year it starts on February 10th, 2024.

It’s a time to focus on gratitude when I’m not exhausted from the holiday madness that results with the Western calendar year. I love the symbology and the shift in energy that’s created when I utilize some of the customs.

Dragon Reflection in the water as part of the Chinese or Lunar New Year Ceremonies

Dragon Reflection in the water as part of the Chinese or Lunar New Year Ceremonies

I’ve created a CHECKLIST with things to do in your house BEFORE the New Year, activities or tasks to shift your personal energy in preparation for the New Year (both of these can be done for any “new year or new beginning”), and the customs for the FIRST DAY of the Chinese New Year. You can get your FREE eBook here: https://lindalenore.com/cny2024/

Since one of the customs is doing a deep cleaning of your home and tomorrow is the last Saturday before the New Year, I will be doing my deep cleaning this weekend!

How about you? What are your thoughts on Groundhog Day, “DO OVERs,” and Chinese New Year? Please share in the comments.

DON’T FORGET – GRAB YOUR 2024 CHINESE NEW YEAR CHECKLIST HERE! https://lindalenore.com/cny2024/

I’m Calling It A Blessing! – Part 2



Here is another example I wanted to share.

Second example:

In September I reached out on social media for prayers for my brother & husband. (My brother is doing well, and my husband is better.) Within the course of two days my husband was in such poor health he had an emergency blood transfusion.

They told us to head back home after waiting two days to make sure he didn’t have a negative reaction to the transfusion. Also, they made it clear we needed to see specialists within two weeks because they couldn’t find the cause of his anemia.

Over the next couple months numerous doctor’s appointments and tests lead to a medical procedure in December. Within 2 hours of returning home after the procedure, we found water on the laundry floor. Unbeknownst to us a small, non-detected leak within the walls was now a broken plumbing connection to the washer.

According to Feng Shui, our laundry room is the area related to the “oldest male” in the family; hence, the area associated with my husband. Ultimately, the procedure doctors had performed earlier that eventful day had found a “small, non-detected (blood) leak” in his plumbing.

The plumbers had arrived and fixed the washer problem quickly. I felt confident the doctors had found and fixed the leaky blood vessel within my husband. I felt the interactions of the household plumbers was a BLESSING to let me know the doctors had done the equivalent procedure with my husband.

Blessing a Home, Blesses Your Life

Blessing a Home, Blesses Your Life

Moral of the stories

Calling bad or challenging situations a BLESSING is not easy! FEAR loves to jump in immediately. Yet when I can change my mental state – my mindset – by saying, “This is a blessing,” it changes the energy I put out into the Universe!

These last few months have shown me when life goes sideways, I have choices and opportunities to grow, learn, gain a new perspective, discover my strengths, and make course corrections. They all start with my thoughts and mind! What we think about, we attract! I’m attracting BLESSINGS!

That’s what Feng Shui does also. When we can change any part of our home, we change the energy around us. We can change the “negative” into a “Blessing” just by shifting the mental picture of it.