It’s January 2013, the start of a New Year, a time for new beginnings and fresh energy. Some resolutions have been made while some already have been broken. That could be a disappointing way to look at a terrific time of year. Let’s try a different perspective.

On February 10, 2013 we start the Chinese New Year of the Snake. While some may not like the idea of a year of “snake” energy, it actually could be a very transformative year. I like to take advantage of both the Western calendar New Year and the Chinese calendar New Year to set the tone for creating my desired life during the coming months. Let me share a few ideas with you I’ve come to embrace.

Most Asian cultures follow several rituals or ceremonies as they prepare to “welcome” the New Year. As I mentioned earlier, this is a time for fresh energy and new beginnings. Cleaning the house, ridding your home of last year’s food, paying off any debts and doing only activities you’d like to do during the coming year are just a few examples.

Start by clearing clutter, dust and vacuum, clean the windows, wash the sheets and make the bed with fresh linens. Then tackle the kitchen. Remove all leftovers from the refrigerator and get rid of the staples from last year: floor, salt, sugar and rice. You can give unopened containers to Food Banks and any partially used ones to anyone who can use them. Purchase fresh staples for yourself.

Pay off any credit cards and loans you have. If that’s not possible this year, make payments before the “due date” or pay off one credit card. This will allow you to come into the New Year “unencumbered”. This shows an intention to handle money responsibly. Setting an intention raises your awareness around the energy of money – the flow and circulation of it – the power associated with it.

What do you want to be doing this next year? Then February 10 is a day to schedule them. If making money is foremost on your mind, and you choose to work, this will be the day you set that energy in motion. If you want more time reading, find a good book, schedule time on your calendar and pick a quiet, comfortable location. Want more leisure travel? Find a local “getaway” to spend the day wine tasting or walking the beach.

Each year brings with it different types of energy. We are leaving the energy of the Dragon, which was all about burning off the old and starting the new. There were many new businesses started. Many Asian families purposely plan to have children born during the Year of the Dragon since it is believed they will be blessed with an easier and happier life.

The Year of the Snake has a number of qualities attached to it. It will be a year of transformation – both personally and professionally. Communication is an issue with potential miscommunication possible on a big level. Also, there’s always one area of buildings more challenged than others each year. If your office is located in that area, a move to a different location might be advised.

I’ll be sharing more about this in my “yearly” teleseminar on the Feng Shui issues and solutions for our homes and workspaces. Plus I have been asked to expand on them by having workshops. My “Balance, Order & Beauty: Feng Shui for the Soul” workshops are scheduled for both the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, plus several of you have requested I have them in your hometowns.

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