As Summer Solstice approaches the end of this week, the days grow longer – and the nights grow shorter – giving us more light. I love this time of the year – the more sunlight the better. I have so many things I love to do outside; summer gives me the time to be able to do them.

As I learned more about the ceremonies from different cultures around the world, I discovered the gift of the seasons and ways to honor them. Living in California all my life, the seasons basically run together, especially in Southern California where I grew up. Now I am more aware of the nuances of temperature, where the winds originate, the angle of the sun at different times of the year and even the cycles of plants caused by these influences.

Summer Solstice Sacred Spaces Table

Summer Solstice Sacred Spaces Table

This morning I was picking apricots and plums in my backyard – both from the ground where the squirrels had dropped them and from the trees before the birds eat them. The beauty as the sun shone through the trees invigorated my spirit. I was in a “sacred space” both on the ground and in the trees.

As I was putting this abundance of fruit in bowls around the kitchen, it reminded me of my “Summer Solstice Sacred Spaces Table” I created last year.

I did a ‘Space Clearing’ early in the day for a client to help solidify the energy in her home buying some extra flowers for myself. I brought out this beautiful Asian-motif vase I had packed away during the remodeling to enjoy again.

There were several trailing roses in full bloom in my front yard. I decided to pick some, placing them on the yellow and white wildflower plates I adore. I placed two orchids from my very first “Balance, Order & Beauty: Feng Shui for the Woman’s Soul” event on the table since they were still gorgeous.

Pictures of my family, bowls of fruit, a couple embracing in dance and whimsical Mickey Mouse – all are items that called to me to be placed on the table in celebration of the abundance, beauty, joy and creativity of this special day.

How might you honor the Summer Solstice? Are there objects you’ve forgotten in drawers, closets or boxes with energy you need at this time in your life? What calls to you to be placed on your “Summer Solstice Sacred Spaces” table or altar?

I’ll share more ideas and stories about Summer Solstice celebration and ceremonies you might want to include in your life during the week. Please check back for them and share with family and friends. Please feel free to add your own comments on how you celebrate the Summer Solstice.