Closets, Clutter and Communication

Most people know clutter is not good, especially if they know anything about Feng Shui. Clutter drains our personal energy and is a form of stuck energy. It often makes us feel as though we aren’t good people. Some people think that if it’s “out of sight” – hidden behind doors or inside closets – they don’t need to worry about it. The reality is just the opposite.

Closets represent the inner parts and hidden parts of us. When they are in disarray, our lives usually aren’t going as smoothly as we would like. Where the closet is located within the home expresses the area of life most likely to be affected.

Creating orderly shelves in a bedroom closet can improve both communication and romance in a relationship.

Creating orderly shelves in a bedroom closet can improve both communication and romance in a relationship.

For instance, an entry closet will reflect the energy of our career and how it is going. A living room closet represents our social life. Our bedroom closet expresses our relationship with ourselves as well as other intimate relationships. The closets closest to the front of the house represent how we express ourselves out in the world while the closets toward the back are more representative of our inner, more private selves.

When we clean a closet, we are clearing away old beliefs, habits, attitudes and behavior patterns that can cause blockages and confusion in our life on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All doors relate to communication. Having things hanging on a closet door is like having old beliefs “hanging over you” – preventing you from speaking your truth or being able to communicate openly with people, especially other family members living in the household.

The various areas and levels within a closet are symbolic of the levels of the Three Treasures in our life. The Three Treasures are: Earth Luck or Energy (the floor), Human Luck or Energy (the walls) and heaven’s Luck or Energy (the top shelf and ceiling).

Clearing the floor can help us feel more “grounded” and stable in our lives. Removing hanging clothes makes room for more good people to come into your life instead of people “crowding” into your space – people who are very demanding of your time and energy. Organizing the shelf and higher areas of the closet allow for more creative juices to flow and inspiration to guide you on your Life’s Journey.

Amazing this little “rooms” can have such major impacts on our lives. And just to add a little extra incentive to give attention to them, the love/hate relationship we can have with them affects our health and love life. Try giving some TLC (Tender Loving Care) to one or more closets by creating order and beauty to improve your health and instill some LOVE into the inner sanctum of you home. It just might be better than what the doctor orders or the matchmaker suggests to improve romance in your life!