Continuing from yesterday’s post on Mercury Retrograde, here are specific areas of life that are affected and how you might choose to deal with it. These are especially important to remember since the Year of the Horse is all about “Moving Forward.”

Chinese New Year Red Envelope - Looking forward in the Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year Red Envelope – Looking forward in the Year of the Horse

Travel in any form  – Cars, boats, planes and trains – as well as the purchase of either the item or the tickets to travel via them can be affected in a negative way.

Cars – During this timeframe I have seen more accidents and cars stalled or broken down on the side of the road. During one of those events in my life last year I actually had a driver who knew about Mercury Retro. He said the tow company for which he worked actually scheduled more driver to be available during these due to the increase of need.

There are more issues with cars needing repair work. I’ve learned that if my “Check Engine” light comes on, or some minor noise happens and I don’t feel it is affecting the integrity of my car, I can wait until Mercury goes direct since it usually will go away. But if it is a major issue, it needs to be addressed.

Planes and air travel – Flights are often delayed during this timeframe. I’ve learned to schedule the 4-hour layover between flights instead of 1-hour. That’s because if a flight is going to be delayed, it is usually the first one, which means I’ll miss the second. On more than one occasion, I’ve spent a night in an airport, or a close by hotel, waiting for the first flight out the next morning. This is due to sitting in the originating airport while mechanical issues were being addressed.

Also, I’ve had more flights canceled outright or rescheduled during retros. I can’t say whether there are more air-related crashes or not since I have not monitored this aspect of a Mercury Retro.

Consultations, appointments, meetings and being a speaker/presenter has it’s ups and downs during this time. I often have clients needing, or choosing, to reschedule appointments.

When this first started to happen, I let it affect me negatively. I got upset due to expecting income from these sources.

What happens in reality is interesting. Almost without fail a new client contacts me within minutes, or hours, needing my help IMMEDIATELY! It’s as if the Universe has helped me to hold the space for this individual’s need by having an appointment in place. My income is never affected negatively. If anything, my income increases.

Due to travel challenges where speakers can’t get to a venue since they are stuck in an airport or a major weather-related challenge, I have usually had the opportunity to do at least one previously unscheduled speaking gig each Mercury Retro. That’s 3-4 times a year!

Speaking of speaking – let’s talk about communication and contracts.

The planet Mercury’s energy is not only about “travel” (Mercury is the God with wings which is why he represents travel), he also represents communication. There is a greater possibility your words are misunderstood during this time. Also, contracts are challenging.

Many in the real estate industry know a contract written during a “retro” is most likely to either fall through or come back with a “re-negotiation.” Some agents use this to their advantage by offering a higher price on a property, get it in contract and then start picking away at the price to get a better deal for their client.

For you, if you have anything that you are considering signing that involves “time, talents (your expertise) or treasures (money)”, try to hold off until the energy is  more favorable. A few days ago I was about to join a group that would mean a time commitment, my knowledge and money to join. I realized I cared too much about this group to commit to it during a challenging energy that might potentially influence my association with the group negatively. I informed the chairperson I needed to wait until March to give my final answer.

Another major area of concern during Mercury Retros are items technology-based like computers, televisions, smart phones, appliances and cars. Any of these purchases has the potential to be a “lemon” or be stolen. Since these retros occur several times a year,recently there have been several Holiday Seasons where shopping for these items has been very challenging to skirt around the “retro” dates. Again, I have watched this over several decades and seen the effects.

Once, before I was introduced to Mercury Retro knowledge I made a large purchase. I had problems with both it and the communication dealing with the repair, and ultimate replacement, of the item. It was about 2 months later when a friend who was knowledgeable regarding retrograde energy educated me on the mistake I’d made having purchased during a retro.

The year I knew I needed a “new-to-me” car, I made sure I found, signed and drove home the vehicle at least 2 weeks before Mercury Retro started. I’ve purchased only 3 vehicles in the last 30 years. None have been purchased during a Mercury Retro and all have been excellent vehicles – never costing me too much for maintenance nor having left me stranded in dangerous situations.

These are a few of the Mercury Retro issues we can have in our lives. When you have an awareness and plan, I have found I can manage to move through the time with more ease.

Not everything about a Mercury Retrograde is negative. In tomorrow’s post I will share some great tasks to do and advantages of Mercury Retrograde.