As the Chinese New Year celebration culminates in the next couple of days with the Dragon Dance and fireworks, it occurred to me most people don’t know a simple and powerful tool to bring both financial and fortunate blessings their way based on a tradition that is not only Feng Shui, but a spiritual law. This tool is to place money in either a special red envelope (Chinese ritual) or designated location within one’s wallet with the intention of not spending it.

Chinese Red Envelope and currency as "money magnet" as well as "Good Fortune Attractor" when placed in your wallet.

Chinese Red Envelope and currency as “money magnet” as well as “Good Fortune Attractor” when placed in your wallet.

In this ceremonious manner we are creating both a “money magnet” that attracts more money to you as well as a “Good Fortune Attractor” encouraging the many blessings in the world to head your way.

The traditional ceremony is to place money – usually $1 or more – in a small red envelope where it is given to children and family members before or during the Chinese New Year celebration. (The Chinese New Year celebration starts on a “new moon” and ends on a “full moon,” which means it lasts about 14-15 days.) They are to keep it on them all year without spending it.

I often give red envelopes to clients and business women as i meet them during this time of year. It helps to raise awareness about my business and knowledge of the Asian culture as well as an attractor for good to those blessed to receive one from me.

This ritual symbolizes that the person will never be broke since they will always have some money in their wallet or purse. The red envelope becomes an attractor since “red” is the “activating” color.

For those who do not have a red envelop or choose to not use it, we can place the money in a special place where we can see it, but don’t spend it. Some people use a $100 bill for this purpose since most people won’t break a hundred dollar bill, where they might spend $100 in lower denominations.

So my question to you is: What’s In Your Wallet?

Take five-minutes today to do this simple step to activate and increase the financial and fortunate blessings coming your way.