When you move into a house, do you think it is your house? From a Feng Shui perspective, let’s look at it energetically.

You may have purchased the house or you may be the name on the lease agreement, but the previous occupants’ energy is all over the place. It will never be totally your home unless you clear the energy from the previous occupants.

Let’s take it to one more level. Today I cleared the energy in a home for a new bride. The “bride” – who is in her 70’s – got engaged, moved into her soon-to-be husband’s home and married him. He is a widow who still lives in the home where his previous wife died from cancer. Ever since this beautiful, once-healthy woman moved into the home she has had one health issue after another. AND it’s only been 6 months since she first moved in.

This is just one example about the energy of previous occupants I’d like  you to take into consideration. If you’ve had a live-in lover, then broken up, you want to clear that energy. If you have had a series of unhappiness in your home, you need to clear your home to get rid of that sadness.

Here is a saying about energy for you to ponder: “Like energy attracts like energy!” Think about that for a few minutes.

This is the premise many Asians use when purchasing a home. They want to know what happened to the people who lived in this house before. If there was a death in the home, they will run from it. If the people made money and are buying a bigger home or a home in a more prestigious location, they often will pay more for it. They want the “Good Feng Shui” energy.

Again, I ask this question: “Who’s house are you living in?” Think about this. Has your life improved since you moved into your current home or have things gotten worse? Maybe your home needs a good ENERGY cleaning more than a spring cleaning. After all, you don’t want to be smothered by someone else’s stagnant energy. You want to fully live YOUR LIFE!