Putting out fires and swinging from one thing (or branch) to another is the theme for the next year and we are only one week into the Year of the Fire Monkey. At least, so far, that has been my experience.

Everything I have been able to find about the energies of the Year of a Fire Monkey led me to prepare for an exciting and fully packed 12-months. Delving deep into the details of contracts and acting quickly are imperative to avert disasters.

FIRE Qualities

Celebrate the Beginning of the Chinese New Year , February 8, 2016

Celebrate the Beginning of the Chinese New Year , February 8, 2016

I can’t remember a year starting off with so many “attention-getters” – all happening almost simultaneously. Then again, with my awareness of the different Chinese animals and the Five Elements associated with the different years, it’s been 60 years since the last Year of the Fire Monkey. Quite frankly, I was too young to know or understand anything about energies at that age.

What I can say about the year ahead is that it will not be dull. Go ahead to make you plans to accomplish things knowing there will likely be alterations to those plans. There will be new possibilities thrown into the mix at any particular time.

MONKEY Qualities

Distractions –

When you have a chance during the year, think about what you really want and don’t want. Know which way you want to go with your dreams and life. Hard decisions will come up. You don’t want to fly off in a direction away from your dreams. You do want to swing into action to capture everything good, wonderful and in alignment with you goals. One new turn can make all the difference in the plan.Black Monkey

Family or Tribe –

Family is all important. Spend time with them and support them in any way you can.

Neat and Clean –

Clutter needs to be at a minimum. Continually remove. Toss old items. Rethink what you need. Get rid of damaged items and outdated clothing. Purchase minimal amounts of anything and use it up before it spoils or is outdated. Organize constantly. Get your home and office into better shape than it has ever been.

Exercise and Clean –

Monkeys are very athletic. They swing from branch to branch and hang by one arm. Sometimes they hang upside down getting a different perspective on their environment.

Look around your environment. Clean it up. The process of cleaning gives you exercise and also invigorates you when you see how nice it looks.

I’m finding this year is caring of many of the qualities from the Year of the Sheep. They are: 1)  Taking care of ourself, 2) Organize, and 3) Spend time with family. Add to the mix the high-energy of FIRE and it’s explosive qualities causing burns and burn-out along with the playful antics and high energy of a MONKEY, we have an interesting year of strange and exhilarating possibilities.