Was last year challenging for you? Was it fast-paced, unusually crazy, and filled with trickery to the point you were ready to revolt or revolutionize your life? Did you feel like you were putting out fires or on the verge of burnout during the year? If so, you were like most people who were experiencing one of the most interesting and, in many ways, difficult years I have seen in the last 35 years that I've been involved with Feng Shui.

A few of the reasons we experienced such turmoil had to do with the relationship between the elements of the year – fire and metal. This last year, 2016, was the Year of the Fire Monkey. If we look at the qualities of a monkey and the interface of the Five Elements we gain a better understanding of the energies that happened.


In Asian modalities there are Five Elements. They are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The order I gave them to you is known as the constructive or parent/child cycle since each one will "give birth" to the following element, i.e., wood (parent) gives birth to fire (child). There is a destructive cycle where wood sucks the nutrients from the earth, fire melts metal, earth dams or stops the flow of water, metal chops down wood, and water puts out fire.

Add to the mix each year we have a changing of the animal for the year. The short story about the animals and the order in which they occur is; 1) Supposedly the Emperor decided to have a party and invited all the animals, 2) He decided to name a year after each of the first 12 animals as they arrived, 3) We had the 9th in the cycle last year with The Year of the Monkey, and 4) The monkey is associated with the element metal.

Each element can be either BIG or small. As it implies, the energy can be very strong or BIG. Or it could be more subdued or small. We have the elements twice in a row with one year being BIG and the next one being small. These elements cycle through the animals. We have five (5) elements and twelve (12) animals. This mix of 5 elements and 12 animals creates a 60-year cycle (5×12=60).

Last year we had what is know as BIG FIRE and BIG METAL. As mentioned earlier, "fire melts metal," which is the conflict or destructive cycle. With both elements being BIG, the conflicts were very HEATED. Many people reached "burnout" or felt like they were constantly putting out fires.

Then we add the characteristics or qualities of a monkey. They swing from one thing to another, are playful and sometimes mischievous, and work in groups to accomplish things. Combine the energies of the elements and the monkey and you have the energies of the Fire Monkey Year to which we've just said "Good-bye!"2017 Chinese New Year with yin Rooster & Yin Fire characters

2017 Chinese New Year with Yin Rooster & Yin Fire characters

2017 Chinese New Year with Yin Rooster & Yin Fire characters


We are in the 15-day celebration period welcoming the Year of the Fire Rooster. It started on January 28, 2017. Before you start freaking out about the year, be assured it should be a much better year. Even though we again have fire and metal energies, instead of both being BIG, they are both small.

There may be differences in opinions, but not the heated conflict as before. Plus the rooster is more of an individual energy, strutting his stuff. We can expect more influence by individuals rather than groups in changing outcomes and achieving accomplishments. Grooming and how we look with gain attention. 

Another very important aspect of the rooster is "feathering his nest." This means the home is going to regain its importance as a focal point in an individual's life. Plus the focus on our individual finances will come into play.

There are many ways to prepare and take advantage of the Year of the Fire Rooster. You can learn more about them in my MP3, Year of the Fire Rooster. I'll continue with helpful tips in my next blog, so be sure to check back soon.