New Start

I’m always telling you to get rid of things in preparation for A NEW START. This year it is imperative to release as much OLD as possible.

We are leaving the Year of the Ox. We have been carrying the heavy burden of fear, unknown, and unwanted thoughts imposed by others. We are entering the Year of the Water Tiger – a year where we need to be agile and quick!

A few things to RELEASE:Things you don’t use, things you don’t need, thoughts that don’t serve you, and people who don’t support you. That is why I’m spending more time to explain each step PLUS giving you more time in which to accomplish the tasks at hand. I know I need the extra notice; maybe you’ll appreciate it also.

You’ve got ONE WEEK to accomplish as much as you can from this list for the Freshest Start in this powerful and purrr-fect year! Yes, it can be like the BIG CAT it is and purr with a harmony of hope with the right focus at hand. So…


Your “TO DO” List

  1. Clean your home thoroughly – Start at the front door and go through your home cleaning each room and surface. Ideally I’d like you to go through each drawer, closet, cabinet, etc. If you don’t have the time or energy to do all of them, here is a priority list: Bedroom (where you sleep), bathroom (where you take care of your personal self), kitchen (where you nourish yourself), children’s bedrooms (self-care first, then help others), and then common areas (living room, dining room, playroom, hobby room, etc.)

    Clean Your Refrigerator

  2. Clean your refrigerator – Don’t stop at the exterior part of the kitchen like the counter. Go deeper. That refrigerator holds a number of items you no longer want to take with you into the New Year. If you just bought a pound of butter and some eggs, that’s okay to keep; but if you have leftover pizza from 2 weeks ago, out it goes! Wash down the inside. Place some baking soda in it to freshen the smell. Buy some fresh produce, deli items, dairy (if you eat it), meats and seafoods that you are going to prepare for your New Year’s Day Feast (See #9 below).
  3. Pay off your debts (or at least pay off a credit card or two if you can) – The Asian culture states you don’t want to start a New Year encumbered with last year’s debts or energy. In modern times in the US it seems natural to have credit card debts, especially after all the holiday gift-giving and entertainment expenses. It makes it very difficult to attempt this particular “prep” in time for the Western New Year on January 1, so I appreciate buying time until the Chinese New Year. Having mortgages and vehicle payments including the taxes and insurance on these is possibly the only exceptions. Otherwise, attempt to pay off all debts. It took me a number of years to be able to accomplish this. It probably was the biggest “game-changer” to my mindset in life! Can’t pay them off? That’s okay. Start with your smallest debt and pay it off (unless there is one that just feels especially toxic you want to remove from your life sooner!)
  4. Get rid of old emails, catalogs, magazines and newspapers

    Sort through, get rid of, and organize all mail

    To start the New Year you want as little of the old energy from previous years as possible. There needs to be a major shift away from the consciousness of last year. Even though you may not be thinking about what is in that magazine or catalog, it’s affecting your energy. Every time you walk by it or sit looking at your email list (even if you aren’t looking directly at the old email), the object or email is giving off old energy from the past. We want to free ourselves from that stagnant energy!

  5. Go through mail, getting rid of all junk mail, “special” offers, etc. – Some people only go through their mail once or twice a month. If that’s you, change it up this once. Go through everything getting rid of all junk mail, advertisements, or special offers. Again, this is last year’s energy. Pay the bills. Organize your desk and file important documents where they need to be placed. Unless you actually are going to take advantage of a special offer, toss the ad! If you’re going to use the offer, do so before the Chinese New Year!
  6. Plan to have fresh linens to put on your bed on January 31
    Make your bed with fresh linens

    Make your bed with fresh linens

    – When you go to bed on the eve of the Chinese New Year you’ll want to have your bed freshly made with either new linens or freshly washed bedding. You don’t want to bring the energy of last year into your bedroom or dreams for the future. In this way you will wake up in a clean, fresh smelling bed filled with the energy of a New Year and New Decade. I like to add lavender essential oils to my wash for the calming sweet smell it provides.

  7. Get rid of leftovers – Plan your meals the last week before the Chinese New Year so you aren’t wasting food, yet able to finish it up. Food from “last year” has LAST YEAR’S energy. We don’t want to ingest it once the New Year has started. (In addition, go through your spices and other items to check the expiration date. Only keep that which is fresh.)
  8. Plan not to work on February 1. That means no cooking, housework, going into your workplace, etc. – The reason I’m giving you a heads up on all these tasks is to help you start the New Year with GREAT energy. You don’t want to be working all year long. You don’t want to be cooking all year long. Do all the work before the Chinese New Year. Do your cooking ahead and have it in the refrigerator in order to have a feast on New Year’s Day. Just pull things out of the fridge and put them on a table to enjoy. Remember – NO LEFTOVERS! This needs to be freshly prepared items – made the day before – that are not leftovers from previous meals!
  9. Only do on February 1 things you want to do for the next yearFollow Your Soul if knows– The Chinese New Year is a New Beginning, the start of all the things you want in your life! What is it you want in your life?

Today is the day to start doing it. It’s said that whatever you do on Chinese New Year you will do more of it during the coming year. (That’s why #8 above says DO NOT work, etc. unless that is what you want to be doing all year long). Want to walk or hike? Do some photography or journaling? Start a podcast? Read more? Have fun, play, or travel? Spend more time with family/friends? Be inspired or explore spirituality?

I try to do a little of everything I want in life all packed into this one day. It’s one of the most fun days of the year for me filled with the promise of all the things I enjoy: the promise of Good things to come!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!  Happy Chinese New Year!


Linda Lenore